10 mistakes everyone must be allowed to make in a relationship



A relationship is a two-way process, and it has no shortcuts to it. When it comes to your feelings and matters of the heart, you would always take it seriously. There are many things which annoy you or hurt you, but there are some mistakes which make the relationship stronger. We need to adjust and accept things slowly to move forward and have a long term relationship. Here are ten mistakes everyone must be allowed to make in a relationship.


Telling the white lies

Telling the white lies once in a while is okay in the relationship. Telling big lies is not okay as it straight away comes to trust issues. The white lies are simple and nothing to get hurt on like if you are lying about their haircut or dress, then it won’t harm the relationship in any way.

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Being jealous and insecure

We have all felt jealousy and insecurity in the relationship, and it’s okay. Checking your partner’s phone or asking them multiple questions about a person is a common mistake we all make. We get jealous because we are scared of losing the people we love, and there is nothing wrong in it.

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Not telling your partner everything

You should share your feelings with you partner, but it is okay not to share everything. There are some things in every person’s life which they cannot share with everybody. There are some things which trouble us, and we cannot tell it to our partners, and it is fine.

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Putting yourself as a priority

Putting yourself first is not wrong. In the end, you are all you have. If you are putting yourself before them, then it’s fine. Sometimes we all have to be selfish to help ourselves grow better as a person. We need to love ourselves more than anybody else sometimes.

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Forgetting birthdays and anniversaries

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you need to have a sharp memory. Sometimes, you can forget a birthday or an anniversary, and it should be okay. You or your partner should not get angry about these small matters and take it lightly and chill. If these particular days matter so much to both of you, then do not fight and make the day worth remembering.

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Not wanting to hang out with your partner

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you need to spend all your time with your boyfriend/girlfriend; you can also hang out with your friends. It is fine not wanting to spend time with your partners every day. Sometimes hanging out with your friends will make you feel better and happy.

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Choosing sleep over talking

After having a long day, you cannot avoid your sleep always. So it is okay to relax before talking to your partner. After your long day, there is a possibility that you might not have the energy left to speak to your partner. If you are tired, you should choose your sleep over talking to your boyfriend/girlfriend.

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Not calling every day

It is not important to call every day if you are busy. You can also take a break to have alone time with yourself. Going on a vacation or having a day out and not calling your partner at that particular time is okay. Wanting to have time alone with yourself is fine.

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 Trying to convince for commitment

It’s okay to convince your partner for commitments as you need to know where your relationship is heading. It’s good to make these mistakes in a relationship as everybody needs to know if their partner is ready to take the relationship to another level or not.

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Comparing your relationship

Sometimes people in a relationship make a mistake of comparing their relationship with others. Sometimes people compare their despair with other relationships. Sometimes people get too upset and examine their relationship with others, and it’s fine. It’s not the end of the world.

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