10 Reasons Why Friend Turned Lovers Is An Awesome Idea Than Just Lovers


Some people have love at first sight, and some are just lovers, but nothing can compare to the feeling when you gradually develop strong feelings towards a friend. All the things and feelings in a friendship are required in a healthy relationship. So friend turned lovers is never a bad idea. In fact, it is one of the most incredible feelings because there is balanced understanding, loyalty, care and love. Here are 10 reasons why friends turned lovers is an excellent idea than just lovers.


You can be yourself

When you have fallen for your friend, then you can just be yourself. You can be your true selves with them. When you are just lovers, you will have to worry about impressing them but being in love with a friend you can always be the true you. You get to enjoy the pride of your individuality. Both of you will always accept each other for your real selves.

The connection is deeper and stronger

Friends turned lovers will always have a deeper and stronger relationship as they already shared the friendship bond. You have had the most amazing experiences as friends, and now you can continue having them. You will always be there for each other.

Its fun

Dating a friend becomes very exciting and fun. You will always have a romantic and fun-to-be-around relation. There will be a lot of flirting and mixed signals, and you will enjoy every second of being with your partner. Friends turned lovers is glamorous in its own way.

You can talk as much as you want to

You will always have something to say if you are dating your friend because with a friend there is never a single dull moment. You will have random topics to talk about, and you will enjoy it. You will never run out of topics to talk about.

Same friend circle

The best part about dating a friend is that you will share the same friend circle. You will never feel left behind, and you will have the same members in your group. You will always celebrate and enjoy together.

You can joke

You can play pranks and joke about each other without hurting your partner’s feeling. It is the thing about dating a friend. You can joke and prank and most importantly the embarrassment is enjoyed. Just lovers will not enjoy the embarrassment. You will always have the spark in your relationship if you are dating your friend.

You know each other

You have been friends before you turned into lovers so, you will know each other inside out. You’ve spent a lot of time with each other that’s why there is nothing left as a secret between you two. You know each other thoroughly. You are aware of their past, and you accept them that way.


You trust each other very much. Dating a friend is always an advantage when it comes to trust and honesty. You know they will never lie to you, and you can trust each other completely. The relationship becomes easier if there is trust for each other.

Nobody gets hurt

When you have been friends before being lovers, you will always protect the other one no matter what. You will never let your friend turned lover get hurt. You will always be protective.


Dating your friend will make you love him/her even more. You will enjoy everything about them, and you will love everything about them. There will be lots of love with fun and spark in your relationship. Friends turned lovers is always a very good idea than just lovers.

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