Make-up is important

It is said that girls are an enigma that men fail to solve even if they spend their entire life in resolving it. The females are the unique creations of God because they are kind hearted, innocent and have so much love dwelling inside their tiny hearts. They may not be tall in height, but their individuality and beauty make them taller than men. There are certain girlie problems that men do not understand.

Men and women, the two genders that have different traits and demands, and the society has warmly accepted the stereotype. There are certain things that girls do when they reach 15 years of age and celebrate their Quinceanera (Mexican tradition of celebrating the 15th birthday of girls) develop called the girlie habits. No one teaches them these things nor anyone forces them to be like that, but it is a natural phenomenon that results in shaping up girls that way.

Here are 10 girlie problems that men don’t understand:

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    Emotional quotient

Emotional quotient

It is very much evident that men think from their minds and women use their hearts. That is the reason why a lady always has a soft corner for every individual in life and men don’t bother about such things called sympathy, benevolence, and sensitivity. Even small things prick women and they tend to express their pain through tears. It does not make them weak. It is a myth that men don’t cry; it is just that they are not gutsy enough to showcase their feelings publicly.

  1. Make-up is important

Make-up is important

Why do men get mad at their girlfriends when they take some time to dress up and put on make-up? Why does it bother men so much that girls wear heavy layers of make-up on their faces? I think since the men are not gifted with natural beauty, they are jealous of girls, and they just can’t see women glorifying their natural beauty. Beauty is synonymous with women, so how can it be ignored?

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  1. To be complimented for their look

To be complimented for their look

To put in so many efforts in brushing up the looks and then not getting an acknowledgement for it hurts badly. The guys think that girls are desperate to get compliments. Obviously, why wouldn’t they be? They indulge on a mission to sparkle like a queen and then their appearance in the party or any occasion must make some difference. So, the compliments are the indicator of the accomplishment of their goal.

  1. Insecurity


Girls are always insecure because of presence of the atrocities that life offers them. When they take birth they face discrimination, then when they grow up to become good-looking individuals, then they inculcate a sense of fear of being out cast by the society. Especially when the girls are in a relationship with someone, they demand nothing else, but honesty from the guy and men have this habit of betraying girls. So, their insecurity and suspicion make them alert all the time.

  1. To be treated like a princess

To be treated like a princess

The trait of feminism instilled in girls’ personality permits them to treat themselves like a princess. They are the Gifts of God, so they deserve this much respect. They wish to be treated like a baby who is still sleeping in the cradle, and everybody is looking after her. They are light-hearted souls who have deep emotions and high expectations.

  1. If you don’t pay attention to her, then you are gone

If you don’t pay attention to her, then you are gone

It is in the habit of girls that they wish to be in the sight of the guys. If a girl passes through a street and watches a handsome guy across the aisle, then definitely, she would expect the guy to notice her. This generally happens when girls go through the hormonal changes and develop an infatuation for boys. They do it because they want to become the pearl of someone’s eyes.

  1. Envy other girls

Envy other girls

The “J” cannot be eradicated from a girl’s life. Jealousy can be due to any reason, be it beauty, boyfriend, or the dressing style. The girls are envious of their contemporaries because they don’t want to lag behind others. They want their position among the top beauties.

  1. To be bestowed with several gifts

To be bestowed with several gifts

The girls don’t have the voracious need of expensive presents and gifts. It is the emotions behind the gift that impress the girls. If the guy gifts a bunch of flowers, chocolates, or a hand-made greeting card to the girl, then also her mood would lighten up. She just wants to be happy, and such gestures help her survive in this merciless world.

  1. To let their heart out

To let their heart out

The girls don’t feel shy in displaying their emotions to others. In a relationship, it is the girl who pours out her feelings to the guy and gives away her soul to the guy. This quality in women raises the bar of dignity for them in the eyes of the men out there.

  1. Rejection beaks her into fragments

Rejection beaks her into fragments.

The insecurity that dwells in the hearts of ladies turns into the fear of rejection. The girls are scared what if the guy ditches her or leave her alone solitude. The men believe in the saying “If you can’t change the girl, then change the girl” which strengthens the suspicion of girls for men. The men may be having many options to choose from, in fact, girls also have the same choice, but when the girls consider somebody important in their lives, then they can’t survive the grief of drifting away from him.  So, she is completely torn after getting rejected.

Be Girlie

So are you one such girl who agrees to the above-mentioned points? If yes, then you are definitely one of the perfect growing girls with all the girlie stuff that you need to do before you turn into an elegant lady. The rom-com movies, the search for a perfect date, the biological complications, and the battle to look are some of the basic eccentricities of womanhood. You must not be afraid to confront such situations in life where you fail to impress a guy, or you lose a pageant, these are part and parcel of growing up. You must enjoy the perks of being a girl and let men continue their hunt for the resolution of the girl mystery.

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