8 Perfect Excuses You Can Make To Your Parents To Go For A Night Out


Texting all day and making plans with your friends for the weekend is your favourite thing to do but what about getting permission from your parents? Sometimes it becomes very tough to convince your parents for your night out. Here are 8 excuses you can make to your parents to go out on a night out with your friends. Try convincing your parents using these excuses and probably you will be able to go and enjoy your night out.



It is the most common reason, and it always works. Tell your parents that you have to study for your exams and complete your pending homework. If it is anything related to your school work, your parents will definitely allow you to go on a night out.

Approach them with a good plan

Make up a plan and write it on a paper and then tell your parents about what all you are going to do. Make sure you are handing over the paper to your parents with a decent plan written on it, and they will let you go and enjoy your night out.

Ask them when they are in a good mood

Ask your parents for your night out when they are in a good mood. As they will always allow you to go out and enjoy. Being in a good mood makes them trust you more and have a comfortable opinion about you being out all night. You could give them this cute card and create a happy mood or something with utility for your parents. As a bonus, you could use it to sneak your clothes and other stuff you’d use for the night out.

Stay calm

Stay calm when you ask your parents about the night out. If you hesitate or worry, then there can be a problem. Probably they might refuse if you hesitate or fear before asking or convincing them.

Make up a story

If you want to enjoy your night out with permission, then be ready with a good story. Make up a good story for your parents so that they feel convinced and allow you to go out with your friends. You will be able to enjoy your night out in a good mood.

Make them meet your friends

If your parents are not convinced and you do not have a good excuse then make your friends meet your parents. Sometimes when you are unable to convince your parents, your friends will do the favor for you. They will explain everything to your parents in a way they want to listen, and there you go.

Friend is not well

You can tell your parents that your best friend is not well and you want to stay with him/her to take care and then you can sneak out for a night out. It is the most common excuse, but parents still believe in this one. You can also make them talk to your friend if they want to as your friend will help you in sneaking out.


Tell your parents that you have some projects pending and you have to work in a group. As projects are related to school work and submissions, your parents will let you go out. Remember, your parents will ask you about the project details, and you should be answerable to them.

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