We don’t like to mess around or take any chances when it comes to hair. Sometimes, we simply put our trust in the hands of tried and tested professionals. Fortunately, in a city such as NY, there is no dearth of talented hair salons, hair stylists, colorists, etc. We will tell you about the topmost NY Hair Salon. These hair salons are the best and provide the best hair care services. 

NY is known as a trendsetter worldwide, and so are the NY Hair Salons. 



Topmost NY Hair Salon 

  • David Mallett Salon 

This is a famous Paris Hair Salon that has finally opened in New York. David Mallet Salon is well-recognized in Paris for its effortless haircuts and natural color. Since it has opened in NY, you now have access to the best hair salons that believe in elegance. 

The salon’s trademark includes unfussy chic haircuts and subtle highlights. Therefore, if you’re looking for the French Girl vibe, head to David Mallett Salon for a great pampering session.


  • Madison Reed Color Bar 

It can be a huge inconvenience for women to regularly maintain a single hair color or touch up on those grays. Also, there is an unnecessary expenditure. This is where Maddison Reed comes into the picture. 

It is a luxury, at-home color service which offers its clients luxury color treatment. Each treatment is available at a very nominal rate, and you can get the best hair color services with quality from Madison Reed at a great deal.


  • Sally Hershberger Tim Rogers Salon 

This salon is known as one of the most enticing in the whole hair care industry. A resident balayage specialist will take care of the subtle color you’ve always dreamt of. It is one of the most luxurious NY Hair salons.


  • Takamichi Hair Salon

You can revamp your look with a funky color or a fresh haircut in one of the most down-to-earth yet luxurious places. This salon oozes the cool factor and provides a natural environment. Their services are outstanding and professional. You can even sign up for their membership and avail some great deals.


  • Serge Normant at John Frieda 

This salon has a deconstructed look with ombre highlights. It is one of the most glamorous salons. Serge Normant at John Frieda has also been featured in an iconic TV series. 


  • Marie Robinson 

If you see a celeb with platinum hair color, they are highly likely to have undergone the process at Marie Robinson. Moreover, their clients swear by their colorists. 

All big names, such as Jeniffer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Dakota Johnson, to name a few, are their clients.Also, famous Hollywood icons have praised them for their in-house talent and superior services. 



Those mentioned above are all the top NY Hair salons. NY is known for its fashion and style. Almost all big celebs and the ultimate Hollywood stars get their hair done in NY. The streets of New York are known to be a runway, with people bringing their A-game to the streets. NY is known to be the trendsetter, and the next time you need a haircut, we got you covered.

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