Considers himself your life’s only priority

Love is a wonderful feeling, but it comes with some drawbacks as well. When you are a little girl, you play with those bridal dolls and enjoy the game of marriage. But when you grow old you realize the bitter reality of life. The women are the creations of God who have a prolonged hunger for love. They want to be loved and nothing else. But when they indulge in a relationship and find that, love is not as beautiful as it seems like in fairy tales and novels, then it becomes too late. There are couple of early signs that would help you to know if your boyfriend is over-possessive.

If you wish to be saved by your hero – your boyfriend and feel protected in his arms, then make sure that it is the guy you are meant to be with. So, if you are in a relationship with a guy who treats you more like an object and less like a girl, then stay away from such psychotic boyfriend. You are better off alone. There are certain situations when your boyfriend gets jealous of your closeness with your friends. But imagine what if that jealousy turns into enmity with you, then what will you do? So, here are 10 signs that will tell you that your boyfriend is more than protective:

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    They always raise eyebrows in suspicion

They always raise eyebrows in suspicion

You want to be in a love relationship, not in a father-daughter relationship. If your father suspects something wrong in your life, then he is authorized to show his love that way. But if your boyfriend does it, it seems awkward. It is because being in a relationship does not mean that you get the trigger to control the life of your partner. If your boyfriend keeps a track of each and your activity and develops false notions about you, then he is definitely over-possessive.

  1. Overpowers your decisions

Overpowers your decisions

Since your boyfriend is an important person in your life, you allow him to influence your decisions. But some guys take its advantage and start interfering in every decision of your life. You don’t share your thoughts with your boyfriend so that he can have full control on your decisions. If your boyfriend starts behaving like your boss and commands you to do things his way, then definitely his motive is not to love you, but turning you into a puppet whose strings lie in his hands.

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  1. Stalks you wherever you go

Stalks you wherever you go

Isn’t it scary to know that your boyfriend is stalking you wherever you go? I mean if he does not trust you, does that give him the permission to keep track of your whereabouts? It is a sweet gesture when your partner shows concern when you are away from him or when you are in a dangerous situation. But, when the care and affection become monstrous, it will not be beneficial for you. You have to keep a distance from such people because losing faith is one thing, but getting mad at it and doing such spying on you is not acceptable. What if your boyfriend turns out to be a psycho?

  1. They don’t feel comfortable being around your friends

They don’t feel comfortable being around your friends

Just because you hang out with your friends does not mean that you have no space for your partner. If your partner shows negativity towards your friends and doubts your relationship with them, then he is emotionally and mentally damaged. What if he kills your friend thinking that you are cheating on him?

  1. He tries to manipulate your life

He tries to manipulate your life

When your boyfriend becomes over-possessive, he develops the tendency to manipulate you and your life. By manipulation, I mean he tries to convince you to be his devotee and wants you to change for him. So, beware if your partner tries to do any such thing.

  1. He restricts your dressing style

He restricts your dressing style

Since your partner is inkling about your relationship with your friend, then he makes sure that he regulates your dressing style to ensure that nobody gets prompted by you. He wants you to look ugly so that no perverts can catch hold of you. The concern for your dress is good, but always nagging you for it is not bearable. Don’t let him select your wardrobe clothes because if he shows so much of interest in it, then there is something going on in his head.

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  1. He wants you to like everything about him

He wants you to like everything about him

His insecurity talks loud all the time. The reason why he wants to like everything about him is that he is scared that you might elope with someone else leaving him all alone. He fears that if you stop complimenting him or meeting him more often, then you must be cheating on him. There are flaws in everyone and it is impossible to like everything about anyone.

  1. He questions you every now and then

He questions you every now and then

If your boyfriend calls and texts you million times and annoys you by disturbing you at your workplace, then it is not his affection for you, but his obsession. If he can’t show meager trust in you, then you must write it on paper dear, that he considers you a coquette.

  1. Considers himself your life’s only priority

Considers himself your life’s only priority

He wants to believe that he is your universe. He means the world to you, so he wishes you to be around him all the time even when he does not need you. There are many other people and situations that require your attention; you can’t just keep lingering on him. So, never let him overestimate himself.

  1. Checks your personal belongings very often

Checks your personal belongings very often

If he checks your mobile phone and is curious to know the passwords of all your possessions saying that he wants to be your guard, then don’t believe him. You need to open your eyes and see the real face of the man masquerading under an innocent face.

Set yourself free if these are the situations

So, do you get such vibes from your boyfriend? If yes, then it is a siren for you to either get out of such suffocating relationship or sort out the issues with your boyfriend. You must not act like a typical woman and think your boyfriend is the one sent by the Almighty. There is no shortage of guys for you to date. You can’t get stuck with a man whose concern also pricks you like hatred. You are not bound to date the guy who is a chauvinist and does not want you to pursue your dreams.  Free yourself from such a meaningless relationship and find a purpose of your life.

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