10 signs that you are dating a mature man not a boy


Ladies perfect men do exist. There is a huge difference in dating a man rather than dating a boy. Age, money and appearance are nothing to do with being a man. Boys grow up to become a man, but not all boys become the mature man. Some girls love them for who they are as some boys grow up to become a perfect gentleman. Now, after knowing what a perfect man is, are you wondering if your guy is a man or a boy? Don’t worry. Here are 10 signs that you are dating a man, not a boy.


He is responsible

You know you are dating a man when you see the sense of responsibility in him. Boys are terrified of responsibility and men are not scared of responsibilities. A real man can face reality, and they fulfil all the responsibility towards you. His life will always be balanced.


A real man has his own priorities. A mature man will always love spending time with the people he cares about. If he’s dating you, he will care about you no matter what happens. He will always want to be with you. Boys are too scared to set their own priorities.

He encourages you

A real man will always encourage you to succeed in everything you ever dreamt of. He will always push you to become a healthy, happy and independent woman. He will always help you in growing up as a person. He will always try to make you feel good about yourself and will always assist you in boosting up your confidence.

He loves you

A real man will never be scared of always reminding you that he loves you. He will never have any selfish demands and will always try to maintain a sense of equality in the relationship. He will never take your love for granted. A boy is selfish for his own demands. Ladies, no matter what happens a real man will always love you.

He will support you

A real man will always support you. He will never run away from you when you are having any emotional crisis because he knows that these storms are inevitable from time to time. A boy will always run away whenever you need him, but if you are dating a real man you know, then he will always be there for you.

He makes good decisions

A real man will always make right decisions when it comes to your relationship. He will always make decisions which are good for both of you. A boy will always think about himself while making any decisions but a mature man will always think about your safety and feelings first.

He plans everything

A real man will always plan his future and will have some realistic goals in his life. He will always be capable of motivating himself to achieve his goals. A boy will always want you to tell him what to do but when it comes to a mature man he will always talk about his goals but will always try to achieve it all by himself. You can always see him working and doing his best.

He will respect

A mature man will always respect you and your opinions. He will not only respect you but others too. A boy will abuse and curse you or someone else to meet his own standards, but a man will always respect and treat you nicely.

He will trust you

A boy will never trust you enough, but a real man will always have faith in you. A man knows how good you are and will always believe in you. He will always trust you.

He is loyal

A real man is always loyal. No other girl can make him stop loving you. He will always love and admire you for who you are. He will not want any other women to satisfy his selfishness when he is with you. He will stay by you and will always be loyal to you no matter what.

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