Sagittarius men are born in between 22 November- 21 December. They are always positive and philosophical. Sagittarius man is an eternal traveller, and they always seek the truth, beauty and wisdom. He will always want to ask some soul searching questions to the people they meet. Sagittarius man will not only ask questions, but he will always be a keen listener, and he will come up with his own decisions and conclusions. Knowledge is the most important thing for a Sagittarius man. Here are 10 things you should know about a Sagittarius man.


Always optimistic

A Sagittarius man is always optimistic and is a free spirit. He will tend to find good in everything. Even in the fights, they find the positive side to everything. He will fight for their happiness but will always try to keep others happy too. An optimistic man is always the happiest.


Sagittarius traits also include of them being reckless. A Sagittarius man can be a bit careless with their emotions and the things that they think. He will not think about anything before speaking it to any other person. He will never say sorry for speaking out anything he feels.

Active social life

A Sagittarius man has a very active social life as he will hate spending time alone. He will fill his days with activities and meet his favourite people. A Sagittarius man hates spending too much time alone as they just want to strike up a conversation. He would start feeling bored and depressed if he will be left alone for too long. A Sagittarius man will always want to keep himself occupied and busy.


A Sagittarius man loves to travel. Travelling is their passion, and he would always enjoy going to some new places. He loves being outdoors. He will always be ready to pack his bags and step out of his house to explore all the new places. It is one of the best Sagittarius personality traits.


A Sagittarius man loves to flirt. He will never hesitate to pour his heart out to the person he has any emotional connection with. You don’t have to ask him about anything as he will always tell you or show you how much he is interested in you. If he falls in love with a Sagittarius woman, then she will always be happy with him.

Big heart

A Sagittarius man has a huge heart for everybody. He will always want to make you happy without expecting anything in return. He will always love you generously and whole heartedly. He also has a huge heart for all the people out there and especially the ones he is connected with.


There is one thing you should know about a Sagittarius personality is that they are very curious. He loves to find something new in everything. He will never want to get stuck in a routine. He will always want to try something new and exciting.


A Sagittarius man is very honest. It is one of the strongest points about a Sagittarius man. He is brutally honest and will always handle the truth very calmly. Honesty is one of the best Sagittarius personality traits. You should always respect their honesty. If you are not willing to hear the truth, then you better don’t ask for it. He will never play guessing games with you and will always answer everything honestly.


He is very passionate about everything in his life. He will always have a deep burning passion for his dreams, hopes, life and love. With his positivity, he will always belive in his dreams. He will always seek the sunshine in all the situations and belive in dreaming as much as they can. A Sagittarius man is a free spirit.


A Sagittarius man will be the most creative person you will ever meet. If you need any great or epic ideas, you can always count him in, and he will provide you with the most innovative ideas. He will always have something different and original in his ideas, and you will love it.

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