10 Things You Must Know About A Sagittarius Woman

10 Things You Must Know About A Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius woman falls in love quickly and passionately. A Sagittarius woman loves to experiment. Sagittarians are born between 22 November – 21 December. There are many positive things to know about a Sagittarius woman. Let’s discover some Sagittarius personality traits and Sagittarius characteristics. Here are 10 things you should be aware of a Sagittarius woman.



A Sagittarius woman is very friendly and frank to everyone she meets. Being friendly and making everybody smile is not an easy thing to do but a Sagittarius woman can do this really well and will always open up to be a lovely lady. She will be very kind and generous to all the people even if she doesn’t have any connections with them.


A Sagittarius woman will never hold back or hide anything she feels. She will always open up to you and speak her heart out about the feelings she has for a particular person in her life. A Sagittarius woman will always give you the full story and will never hesitate in saying anything to anybody. If she falls in love with a Sagittarius man, then she will be very honest about her feelings towards him.

Sense of humour

A Sagittarius woman has an incredible sense of humour, and she will always crack jokes about everything. Be it the lamest, naughtiest jokes she knows them all. There is never a moment which will seem too dull with her. You will always enjoy her company as she wouldn’t get tired of entertaining anybody. Everybody loves a woman with an amazing sense of humour.


A Sagittarius woman will ask a lot of questions and will never get tired of it. She will always be curious to know everything about they see or want to know. She will always be very keen to explore things and try to gain as much knowledge as she can. Asking questions is not a bad thing to do as it will always help you in learning more about your surroundings.


A Sagittarius woman loves to flirt and would not hesitate to make the first move. You won’t have to try to read her mind she will tell you how much she likes you. She will always talk to you in a playful manner and will always spice up the conversations. You will always love talking to her or hanging out with her.


The best part about a Sagittarius woman is that she is always optimistic. You will never get any negative vibes around her. She will always focus on positivity rather than focusing on negativity. She will have positive thoughts even in the worse possible situations and will handle everything with positively. She hates people who are negative and will always push them away.


A Sagittarius girl is fiercely independent. She will always love experiencing new things in her life. It is one of the toughest Sagittarius characteristics. If you think you will ruin her life by leaving her, then you are sorely mistaken. A Sagittarius woman knows how to handle herself and protect herself from any bad situations she will ever face in her life.

She will always be there

You will always have her back. A Sagittarius woman will always do anything for her friends and family. She will give you shelter whenever you need, and she can even take a bullet for you. So now you know how much you’ll mean to her.


A Sagittarius woman is a party person, and the cool kid everyone wants to hang out with. She’s uber fun to chill with, and you will always love her presence. She will always manage to pull people close to her. She has a perfect sense of humour, positivity, curious about everything and funny, all these characteristics make her amazing and cool to hang out with.


A Sagittarius woman will always be brutally honest. She would not lie to you even if she knows that the truth will hurt you. If you want to make all the right decisions, then you can always go to her because she will always be very honest with you about everything.

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