Information|Knowledge|Awareness|Discovery|Invention All of it and Humans!


Let’s say information is the key. We know that information controls everything in the world. Both it’s absence and availability. So, let’s see how we can describe people in the way the interact with information. This makes out to be something pretty interesting.

But how does this classification help? Well if we know how people interact with information then we can seek ways to interact with them in such a way that serves best purpose of ours and theirs. But their is more to it, the aspect of knowledge. What would we call the person who knows about information and its play in the world? Perhaps someone with knowledge or would that be awareness?

So before we get into the information game, Do we really understand what do the terms Information, knowledge and awareness mean? How would it be to describe a common thread between the three ? Does such a thread exist or they are mutually exclusive ? Perhaps no, they seem to be in a hierarchy of the scheme of things or is it the scheme of life? First you have more information which gives you knowledge and then comes awareness.

What happens after awareness, is it that you become so aware that we start seeking more information and developing more knowledge that makes us a recursive function in ourselves. But then is that all that is left to awareness ? We become a cycle. How troubling is it not to have a map for this and most things ? But what makes us seek information in the first place? Perhaps it is the hunger for knowledge. If it is that then isn’t life simple for everyone. We all do the same things seek awareness that we already have but at different level. Levels of life. True, ohh I love Julian Barnes.

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But how can we seek something that we already have? If awareness is what we are already doing the. How can we seek it? So is life about discovery and not seeking? That gives a higher position to discovery in comparison to awareness. We search and we find. So what would you say if I asked how do you see the world in 2050? In 2100? In 2200? And go on? Is our answer anything more than what we already see or have heard? That means information is the constraint that keeps us in the loop. We don’t seem to be thinking more than what we know. And we don’t seem to know anything more than what we have seen. So we are moving in concentric circles, I don’t know if they are the ones expanding or contracting towards something.


So if discovery is observation then invention is deduction.

Now back to the original point what people do we have on earth? I thought 3 types, but no there seems to be a number of permutations and combinations. Why because we are in this circular parking lot and at different levels of the index.

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Written by Arjun Singh

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