5 Love Stages A Couple Has To Go Through To Be Denoted As A Forever Couple




There are five love stages in a relationship which a couple has to go if they want to stay together forever. We all want real and forever love in our 20’s or beyond. Too many marriages and relationships fail, and people don’t even know why? Relationships fail not because they chose a wrong partner but because they did not understand the love stages. So let’s discuss it here. Here are five steps that a couple has to go through to be denoted as a forever couple.


The romance stage

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After getting in a relationship, the romance is normal. So the first stage is the romance stage. In this juncture, you cherish the moments with each other and love each other. The couple spends a lot of time together to celebrate their love and romance and look forward to their future together. We fall in love with the people who are totally compatible to us and then we continue to accept their flaws and cherish everything about them.

The power struggle stage

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Every couple gets into small fights which do not means that their relationship is over. The same happens in the power struggle stage. The couple starts fighting, but instead of running away from the problems, they stay with each other and accept everything. Some couples try to change each other and some punish each other. The couples who get through this the power struggle stage can get along with each other. The couples who accept each other’s differences, learn to share and balance everything are the ones who will get through this situation quickly and firmly. Giving up the fights and making peace with everything will lead you to another stage.

The stability stage

Once you’ve learned how to fight in a way that both of you keep a balanced result, then you come to this security stage. In this juncture, the love returns, and it returns even deeper and in a mature manner. In this stage, both the partners will be very clear about their relationship and what they want from the relationship. You both have clear boundaries and path. You both start appreciating everything about each other and learn the need for mutual respect. When the love is so deep and pure, both of you grow as individuals and get to another stage.

The commitment stage

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In the commitment stage, both of you fully accept that you and your partner are ready to continue the relationship no matter what the results are. You have learned to love each other more than anything and choose each other whenever needed. You understand the good and bad in everything. Slowly, you begin to experience the beautiful, belonging and power of love. So you take your relationship to a higher level by committing to your partner forever. The commitment stage will make you more understanding towards the relationship.

The last one and the most blissful stage

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In this stage, you guys have finally decided to move forward as a team in everything. You have accepted the love, flaws, mutual respect, trust, and commitments. Your relationship becomes the most amazing thing for you, and you move forward with each other. It is the stage where you will be known as the forever couple.

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