10 Love Stages When You Might Get Into Situational Sex


Love is just like life; it has various stages. And experiences of love and sex are never same. It starts with infatuation and passes by numerous love stages along the way. Doesn’t matter for how long your relationship lasted, are you in a long term relationship with someone who has been with you for several years? Because all the relationships will have situational sex and will fit perfectly in one of these love stages.

Nowadays many people don’t have time to nurture a relationship, or they don’t want to commit. In all the love stages of situational life, sex is very apparent, because of our fast life.

Here’s a list of 10 love stages when you might get into situational sex:


1. Infatuation love stage:

This is the first out of 10 love stages where your hormones are raging; you are physically attracted and have intense urge to be with a person. Both of you can’t see any flaws in each other and just have an eye for positive attributes. And there comes a party invitation where you both are invited. At the beginning of the party you are looking great, and after four to five shots, you find yourself next to each other on the bed.


2. Office love stage:

In this love stage, both of you start to know each other. You both have long conversations and start getting comfortable with each other. You talk about your families, each other likes, and dislikes. And because you are intensely attracted to each other, when you have accidently night shift together, and nobody is there in office and everything about your partner fascinates you. Things can get out of control.


3. The Reckless love stage:

You have just met, and you already feel the effect. You are not bothered who the other person is, and you’re just insanely in the hands of your primal urge. You are not bothered that you might not see the person again. What you care about is tonight, wherever it could be, a car, a bathroom, a hotel room or just anywhere.


4. Mad in love stage:

In this one of the amazing love stages, you may be falling for this person faster than you had anticipated. And every time you see them, there are butterflies in your stomach, and you’re blown away by the charisma, and in fact, you have no control over your feelings. The sex is lingering and beautiful because you’re in sync with each other’s inner feelings and you completely want to please the other person.


5. Love – Hate stage:

This is one of the unique love stages where situational sex seems almost impossible. You both always fight, can’t tolerate each other, the relationship is always on rocks. The other person is so irritating that you want to forget why you are with that person. In that situation, you can just think about a raw craving and nothing else.


6. Complete love stage:

You both are fully and completely in love with each other, and can’t think beyond each other. Now the only option it to go all the way. And when it’s done you realize that it was so beautiful and out of the world experience. You just flow with love and this stage among various love stages just make you feel pleasure and nothing else after the situational sex.


7. Serious love stage:

You both are comfortable with each other. You’ve come to terms with your love for each other and then suddenly feel and realize that you’re dead serious about this person. It’s like your life revolves around that person. You want to do everything in your capacity to that person. And that everything includes sex also. In these love stages, you feel like doing anything and everything to please your partner, and you then get into situational sex.


8. There‘s no tomorrow love stage:

In this stage, the primordial force is so strong that you want to forget just about everything. You won’t care less if there is Earthquake or Tsunami. You want to live this moment. It’s the kind of sex where the emergency and urgency of the situation is important; you cannot afford to waste time. Even if you are staying with each other, you feel this moment is the only one which is not going to come back.


9. Love Addiction stage:

In love addiction stage, it’s become a habit. No matter what you have to be together, to need them, there is always a craving to meet. Although the sex is based on mutual feelings, love and emotional understanding it’s like you can’t do without it. These love stages are seen in couples who crave for each other’s touch.


10. Forever love stage:

In this love stage, you’ve found your ideal partner. You both have equally changed and understand each other’s expectation. Your relationship is properly aligned. You are blissful and happy. In this stage, you feel like getting married. You know it; you can feel it in your mind, and in your hormones that are insanely raging for this person. And the feelings are mutual. This is an attachment stage where you feel loved and connected and when you are meant to be together forever, situational sex is just a part of your togetherness.


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