What Happen To Celebrity Costumes After Movie


What happens to celebrity costumes after the movie? (keyword : celebrity costumes)

Have you ever wondered what happens to the outfits which are worn by the actors in a movie? They wear such beautiful costumes with heavy work and different outfits in each movie. What happens to these celebrity costumes after the film ends?

Some of these outfits are even wearable of a screen but what about the ones which are the most outlandish things? These celebrity costumes stay shut in the production house’s trunks for years. They are stuffed there for the future projects which takes place in the production house.


The petis which is stored in the production house are labeled like the actress Ayesha Khanna who was recently in Dishkiyaaon has been a stylist in the films like Band Baja Baarat and Ladies Vs Rickey Bahl. So she claimed that all the Yash Raj costumes are stacked in the trunks. Each trunk is then labeled for exactly which film and lead star wore these clothes.  For another film later the clothes are mixed and matched. For example, the outfit which Aishwarya Rai wore for her item number Kajra Re from the year 2005 and the film Bunty Aur Bubli was then used on a background dancer in the movie Band Baja Baaraat. It was mixed and matched. When the clothes are mixed and matched, it becomes impossible for anyone to even to notice it. And who remembers the clothes back from five years.


Same happens on the small screen too. On the small screen too often the celebrity costumes are reused. Like the saas-bahu serials they recycle some of the sarees and lehengas and reuse them in some episodes. For the other episodes, new outfits are made.

The same cycle is not followed by all the stylists. Some don’t recycle and use the old clothes. Some make new clothes according to the characters. After that, once the shoot gets over the clothes go in the production house trunks. The stylists design the celebrity costumes after that when the movie or the shoot gets over what is to don’t from those clothes is the decision left to the actors and the production house. If the celebrities want to add their taste in the film, they get clothes from their wardrobes.


The film which was released in 2010, Action Replayy, Aishwarya Rai wore over 125 costumes in this movie. The makers claimed that this was a record. As an average number of costumes which are used in a film is around 40. The number of costumes was high in this movie, and more space was needed to keep them, and they were not even usable somewhere else. They are all kept stacked in the trunks in production houses.

There are times when the actors or actresses love the dress they wore in the movie, and they take it home with themselves. Some clothes which are styled by the stylists for the lead roles are taken by designers themselves, but the other are kept the lock in the trunks. Though it all comes under the production costs incurred for the movie.

Some stars take their stylists to different cities to shop with them. Even if they buy on their taste, still most of the clothes go in petis kept in the production house without any doubt. Some actors take their outfits if they want to keep it as a memory. So it is not a big deal.

So basically three things happen to the celebrity costumes. First is either they are stacked in the trunks and kept there for years. The second is either the stylists or the celebrities take it at their homes if they want to. Third, there is also the possibility of them being mixed and matched and used in the background or some other episodes or wherever the dress code suits.

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