Andrea Bocelli concert in Lajatico in Tuscany: music, nature and Italian culture at their best


At the magnificent Teatro del Silenzio in Italy, this summer, you can experience an unforgettable immersive event all about music, environment, and Italian culture. Combining stunning architecture, landscapes, music, entertainment, and the opportunity to visit and explore the wonderful area of Volterra, the annual Andrea Bocelli concert in Lajatico in Tuscany by the internationally famous tenor unquestionably represents a unique event to all opera and bel canto fans well as to a wider audience that love culture and art, specifically the Italian one.

Andrea Bocelli Concert Event Dates

Two dates to partecipate to the event of the year, on 27th July 2023 and 29th July 2023. Due to the high demand from the public, this edition will include a double date for this truly unmissable show.

The magical place where the event will occur is the so-called “Theatre of Silence”, built in 2006 by will of Arch. Alberto Bartalini and Maestro Andrea Bocelli in the wonderful location of a special hilltop about 1.5 km from the nearest town, encircled by lush greenery and the formidable view of the Tuscan landscape. Made of white marble and stones, the amphitheater is completely natural, including the small lake at its centre where every year a monumental sculpture by a contemporary artist is installed. It really is an exclusive venue that can only be found in Lajatico in Tuscany.

In this location music resonates freely in a transcendent union with the outside.

Here, you can see the eagerly awaited performance of the tenor Andrea Boccelli, with his strong and moving vocals. The show will satisfy any audience by including the singing of a collection of the maestro’s most well-known pieces, ranging from opera to contemporary world music, as well as some of his new material. A complete ensemble orchestra will play with the conductor, and the presence of some special guests is also anticipated. A stunning production with art direction by Alberto Bartalini for an evening full of feelings, vitality, and joy.

Why you should look forward to this concert?

This concert is also a wonderful opportunity to discover and get to know the unique region of Lajatico and the Volterran countryside in central Tuscany. With Arianna and Friends you can select from a broad range of packages that add experiences to the concert tickets, such as trips to Florence, Pisa, and San Gimignano, the birthplace of the Renaissance and the Baroque art and culture.

Additionally, you can reserve meals and aperitifs to round out your immersion in authentic Italian culture. For example, a visit of the surrounding towns and villages will allow you to sample delicious local foods like lampredotto, ribollita soup, or cantucci cookies. A nice addition to the suggestive music that Andrea Bocelli will be performing at Teatro del Silenzio.

You will become completely engrossed in the sheer splendor of this experience thanks to a complete offer: a delicious dinner, an amazing setting, and the music of one of the greatest tenors in the world. All at their best.

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