10 Professions Adored by Women in Their Man

Most people believe that a man shouldn’t be judged on the basis of his job, and the women shouldn’t be judged on the basis of the dress she wears. However, who are we kidding, this is something that happens all the time. There are certain jobs which would get you a good date even if you are an average looking guy. For example, a good looking pilot dressed in crisp white uniform can make women go crazy, and she would definitely be drooling over the thought of that man being her man.

However, after reading this post, don’t think of doing something that you don’t actually like and are just trying it for ‘being glamorous.’ One should always do things which he feels is right. However below mentioned are top 10 jobs which might make you all the sexier in a women’s mind.

  1. Photographer

Women love selfies and photographs are something that they absolutely can’t resist clicking. Why wouldn’t a girl love a guy who can see beauty in everything? A guy who tends to see beauty in almost everything and one who likes traveling is something that no women can resist.


  1. Chef

Now, this might be new for some people out there but yes women do love guys who can cook. When most people tend to mention the fact ‘that way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach, they are telling you a part of the truth.’ In reality, women love guys who have the capacity to make delicious delicacies at home. And in case you happen to be a pastry chef, then it won’t be wrong to say that you can literally make a girl eat out of your hands.


  1. Army Man

Everyone knows that women tend to go crazy seeing men in uniforms. The strict discipline, as well as hard training, makes men good looking while at the same time makes them fit and healthy, something which probably women find hard to ignore. Combine these looks with a chivalrous attitude and you would be someone who women would be craving to have.


  1. Pilot

Similar to the men in the army, commercial pilots are known to have a tone of authority which usually comes with high responsibility and work that involves a threat to life. After some time, this work ceases to remain a job and soon becomes a routine of our life. Highly Educated, Well-dressed as well as high salary. What else can women ask for?


  1. Doctor

People who are known to be doctors are known to have a personality that women find hard to resist. This is a place that you can think of something where love flourishes in. Medicine is a course that is respected in every field, and these people are known to be the central system of every race. Disciplined, intelligent, suave, as well as patient people of this profession, are loved by women as well as girls alike.


  1. Entrepreneur

Yes, this is one of the new developments in the taste of women. They have begun to find men with brains sexy. And if you are an entrepreneur then you definitely ought to have some brains. Becoming an entrepreneur and doing something that you actually love is one of the hottest trends to be seen in the market today. Also, in case you are a lucky guy who happened to achieve success at a pretty young age then don’t be surprised if women are throwing themselves at you.


  1. Musicians

Rock stars have always been hot among women. There are two main causes for this, with one being the infectious energy that you see in a concert or a thrill of dating an artist even if he is in his initial struggling days. Women seem to be intimidated by the guys who are sentimental, rebellious as well as a bit offbeat. Therefore in case you can create music in a way that can touch the soul then be assured that you would find a way to every heart.


  1. Bartender

Bartenders are someone that women find a bit stylish. Expert at mixing and matching bartenders tends to exude sophistication. They are known to know almost all the pickup lines used and know exactly which of them is going work. They have seen guys at the bar try on a variety of styles and hence embarrass themselves. They have access to some of the best parties while at the same time can get you or make you some of the best drinks. Need one already?


  1. Engineers/Coders/Hacker

It is the era of computers or let’s say the era of machines. Numerous hackers, coders, as well as developers, have been known to climb up on the fantasy list of women. They are genuinely one of the most valued or one of the most desired professions available in the world. Being a bit cheesy, we would mention that “hackers can hack in the way to a girls heart.”


  1. Writer

It is a known phrase that if a writer tends to love you then you will live forever. A writer is known to contain a touch of sophistication as well as understanding something that every woman would want.


So these are the top 10 jobs that most women aspire of their male partner being in. So in case you have a hobby which is related to any of the professions above then take a step forward and make it your profession.

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