Have you been out with your friends and woken up with a complete stranger sleeping next to you the next day? Does drinking beer gets you high? Do you booze only with your drinking buddies to avoid any mishap? Have you confessed your feelings to someone when you were drunk? If you say you have, then definitely you have experienced the awkward moments that happen only and only when you are out of your senses. There are people who can remain conscious when they are blitzed, but some people especially the first timers undergo a personality change as they can’t control the side–effects of drinking. Do you remember the scene from the movie “Queen” where the actress (Kangana Ranaut) was drunk? In that scene, you must have seen all the colors that a person encounters when he/she is tipsy. She cries, she admits, she grooves, and she does everything that Rani (her character) is not expected to do. That is exactly what this article is all about. There are certain things that person do only when he/she is out like a light.

Here are such things that people do when they are zonked out:


 1. You become erotic

You do so many crapulous things when you are liquored up, and arousal of sexual desires is one such activity. Especially, the virgins who have never had any such experience, they tend to behave in a bizarre manner. You do uncanny acts to seduce the people around you. You might not feel embarrassed in that situation, but surely the ones who surround turn a bit red. Though you can’t help yourself in that position, you can definitely avoid getting indulged in any of such situations.

 2. Dance like an animal

No matters you are a professional dancer or you are a novice, but you will show your moves in the most unpleasant way when you are ratted. You will choreograph your own dance steps with your mates and do it as if you are not being watched. You can also stand on the table top and play your favorite number and shake your booty.

 3. Speak foul language

You are unconscious, so you have no idea what you are doing. Therefore, you would have no control over your mouth and speak whatever you feel like and to whomsoever you wish to say. You might be an introvert in real life, but when you are drunk, you act like a maniac, and you use the words that have never existed in your vocabulary. So, if you think that you can tie your hands and legs to avoid any disturbances, then tell me what would you do to seal your mouth?

 4. You hallucinate

You have to bear the delirium tremens, the psychological condition that results from chronic drinking. When you are hammered, then you enter a dreamland where you become delusional and think of anything you like. It worsens when you lose the ability to differentiate between what is real and what is not. You are likely to see one person as two, and you get a hazy picture of everything.

 5. You sing wildly

You must be thinking that what is wrong in singing while you are three sheets to the wind? Here, I am not talking about the melodious pleasant singing talent; I am referring to the voice that only dogs wish to hear. You like to sing along with the karaoke and you are out of the tempo and scale. You sound like a horn when you are slammed.

 6. Talk to strangers for fun

Since you have no idea what you are up to, so you don’t care about the person you are talking or discussing your personal life with. You might discuss your secrets with someone who is not even interested in talking to you. You might try to imitate stranger against his/her approval to it. You can do unbelievable things when you are tanked.

 7. Speak the truth you have been hiding

You become the most honest man to do the lie detector test with. Why? It is because you become highly truthful to everything that is questioned to you. At times, people confess their latent feelings of love, guilt, and regret with others. If you don’t want to mess things up for you, then don’t take a chance.

 8. Call or text your ex

Your emotions are heightened when you are bombed; then your aggression turns into fire. You surely don’t want to drink after your breakup because it is common that people text their ex-lovers and write stupid things to them to pour out the frustration on them. The next day, when you wake and see the messages, you would be befuddled at the fact that you had sent them the previous night.

 9. Fly out planes

You might be a full grown man, but once you are bladdered, then you turn into a child. You make paper planes and pretend to be its pilot or you make your hands fly like a plane. You must be knowing what I am trying to say. You all must have seen in movies.

 10. Fall asleep on your own posset

That is gross!!! You are legless, and you don’t know where to go and lie down, so your lethargic body pushes you to sleep wherever you are. Taking a nap on your vomit happens because once the hard stuff is out of your system, your body feels relaxed and drops down then and there at the spot.

Funny! Isn’t it?

Do you remember what all you did when you boozed last? Are you out of your hangover now? So, please don’t let alcohol seep into your system so badly that you lose control on yourself. You know what happens in the movie “Hangover I, II, & III,” right? The after-effects of their drinking times pay them off. You must not let your body be inebriated because it will not only cause harm to it, but it will turn your life into misery because of the craziness that you do. You never know you may call your boss in that condition and abuse him/her. The next day you would be blanked out. Then what would you do? So, hitting the bottle might give relief from your stress and pain, but it might become the cause of some more problems in your life. However, if you wish to propose to someone and let out your feelings, and you don’t have the courage to do that when you are awake, then this drinking tip might work for you. Drink, but watch out the repercussions of it.

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