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  • 10-bollywood-celeb-breakups-which-really-disappointed-us
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    10 Bollywood Celeb Breakups Which Really Disappointed Us

    Some celebrity couples look perfectly in love which makes us admire their relationship. We create an image of the couples in our imagination and imagine the perfect romantic relationship between them. People know nothing about them personally but admire them for the way they look in public. When our favourite celebrity couples have heartbreaks, somewhere […]


  • 10-Things-People-Usually-Do-When-They-Are-Drunk
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    10 Things People Usually Do When They Are Drunk

    Have you been out with your friends and woken up with a complete stranger sleeping next to you the next day? Does drinking beer gets you high? Do you booze only with your drinking buddies to avoid any mishap? Have you confessed your feelings to someone when you were drunk? If you say you have, […]