10 reasons why love is not sufficient for a forever relationship




10 reasons why love is not sufficient for a forever relationship

Love is a very important factor to make a relationship work. Without love, no relationship could ever sustain. But it is not the only important factor that makes a relationship work. Along with love, there are other factors responsible for making a relationship work. This holds true mostly for a long term relationship. Simply being in love doesn’t make a forever relationship work. There comes a time in every relationship when the couples realise that their love is simply not enough for their relationship. This usually happens after the initial fairy tale period of a relationship subsides. Here are some reasons that will make you believe that love is not enough for a forever relationship.

Love is not equivalent to compatibility

This is the harsh truth most of the people realise later in life. Just because you love a person doesn’t mean you both are compatible to spend your lives together. Unfortunately, the attraction of opposite law of Physics does not seem to work well in case of relationships. If your personal values, thoughts about philosophical life and ideas about sociality differ a lot from your partner, then you are not compatible enough. Such vast differences can even lead to regular arguments. Also, if both of you have a vast difference in the level of your maturity, you are likely to face regular arguments with your partner. You will face conflict whenever you discuss something together. Love can bring two of you together, but the lack of compatibility would not let your relationship last long.

Unwillingness to compromise

Every relationship demands a bit of compromise and adjustment. This could not be achieved through the efforts of a single person. For a relationship to work, both of you should be willing to compromise. Compromises and sacrifices are the two important factors that make a relationship stronger.

Relationship demands communication

Love will not make your relationship last forever if you and your partner are not communicating with each other. After the initial phase of the relationship is over, couples tend to avoid talking to their partner. Sometimes this communication gap can create a void between you and your partner. In a real relationship, a person can expect to speak his heart out before his partner without the slightest hesitation. Not only having communication with your partner helps both of you strengthen your relationship, but it also helps you solve problems in your lives more efficiently.

Learn to appreciate

Merely having the feeling of love in your heart is not enough for a forever relationship to work. You need to put efforts to make the other person feel loved. The best way to make your partner feel loved is to appreciate him/her. Giving your partner compliments on a daily basis makes him/her feel that you respect his/her efforts. The feeling of gratitude in a relationship is very important since it does not make the other person feel that they are taken for granted.

Quality time is needed

People get so much occupied in their daily life that they don’t get time to spend time with their partners. Simply meeting your partner daily or talking to them is not enough. You should make sure you spend some quality time together as a couple. Once in a while, you should take out some time for your partner. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money organising a fancy dinner. A walk to the nearby park or watching the sunset would be equally special and would add charm to your relationship.

Forgiveness is equally important

Making mistakes is in human nature. But often people find it difficult to forgive their significant others for the mistakes they make. Forgiveness makes the bond between couples stronger. Holding on to the past mistakes of your partner adds bitterness to your relationship.

Individuality matters

Both you and your partner had a life before getting in a relationship. Being in a relationship does not mean you have to lose your individuality. And you should never ask the same from your partner. People often lose themselves to such an extent in a relationship that they tend to forget about their own likes and dislikes. You should not be so busy chasing your life partner that you stop chasing your dreams. You should not sacrifice your identity while trying to shape yourself as an ideal person according to your partner.

You cannot neglect your career

People often neglect their career or the importance of money after falling in love. This is the biggest mistake they make, and they regret it later in life. Love will not help you run your house and pay bills. To lead a happy life, you must pay attention to building a strong career. By the time people reach their late 20s they have responsibilities to fulfil. The necessities of life will be fulfilled only if you are financially sound.

Have some common goals

If your relationship is going through a bad phase and you feel the love between you and your partner is fading, it is the common goal that will keep two of you bonded together. The common goal could be anything ranging from some professional milestones to some fitness goals. They will make sure that your relationship becomes monotonous and boring.

Trust, respect and understanding

Along with love, these are the things that are equally important. A perfect relationship includes trust, understanding and mutual respect for each other.

It’s a myth that loves alone will be enough for your long term relationship. Along with love, you need to include other things in your lifestyle as well.


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