How to judge whether it’s love or just infatuation?



Do you ever feel that you have stopped feeling for your partner? Do you feel that the relationship you share is not love and it is just infatuation? Then you need to know the difference between the two. Sometimes people confuse themselves between both these feelings. You might think you love somebody, but you might just be attracted to him/her. The difference between love and infatuation is that infatuation is short-lived and love is a deep affection for somebody that lasts for a long time.

Love is when you care deeply for one person and when you are ready to accept their flaws or solve problems together. Love is when you willing to stand in good and bad time both and helps the person to grow. Infatuation just makes you attracted towards a person for a very short period. It fills your mind with dreams and fantasies, and it is also referred to as lust.

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Here are some differences between love and infatuation-

  1. Love takes some time to develop, and infatuation occurs instantly.
  2. Love can last and become deeper, but infatuation is just short-lived and powerful.
  3. Love will survive all the fights and arguments but infatuation doesn’t.
  4. Love is being in love with the person entirely, and infatuation is being in love with the idea of love.
  5. Love is more than physical attraction, and infatuation is just physical.
  6. Love makes you grow as a person and infatuation bring obsession in the relationship.
  7. Love will always look out for another person, but infatuation is being selfish.
  8. Love brings energy and infatuation are draining.

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These were some quick and short differences between love and infatuation. Here are some signs that you are infatuated with another person and not in love.

You get jealous


These things happen in a real relationship too but not as much as it happens while you are infatuated with a person. If your partner talks to any other person, you instantly become jealous and possessive.

You expect perfection


When you are infatuated with someone, you expect them and your relationship to be perfect. You expect no fights, no rudeness and you just want to feel amazing without any interruption and arguments.

You have known each other for a short period


When you know, a person for a short time and feel attracted towards them then it is the sign that you are infatuated with that person. You don’t know the person, and you still feel that you like them.

You feel disconnected


When you are in a relationship based on expectations, you will always feel disconnected and alone in your dark times. Whenever you are having a tough time, you will find yourself alone and in crave for their attention and concern.

Now, here are four signs which show that you are in love with the person

You accept each other’s flaws


When you are in love with a person, then you will accept each other’s flaws without any arguments and fights. You will accept the way they are without trying to change their personality.

It is more than fights


Being in love with somebody is more than the fights you have with them. Whenever you fight with the person you love, You will understand their crankiness, and you will let go of the things and apologise for each other for fighting.

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You have energy


You will always feel alive and energetic when you are in love. You will feel the sense of being loved and loving someone else. You’ll find yourself crazy about him.

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Commitments and support


When you are in a real relationship, both of you will never be scared of commitments, and you will always support each other. You will constantly find each other there in your good or bad times both.

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It is the big difference between just being infatuated with someone and being really in love with someone. I hope now you will not find yourself in a confusing situation about being infatuated and being in love.

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