10 Things to do When You Are Caught in a Love Triangle

Think about the consequences

Have you ever been caught in a situation when you love someone, and your beloved is in love with your best friend? Have you ever been the third person to intervene in the relationship of two love birds? Do you feel negligent by two lovers? Have you been caught in a love triangle? If your answer is yes to all the questions, then I must assume that you have been a victim of a love triangle and know exactly how it feels like?

Doesn’t it feel like being sandwiched by the game of emotions? It is a pitiable situation when three people find themselves in such a puzzle. It is not that easy to recover from the grief of a love triangle situation, after all being caught up in a love triangle is the worst possible thing you could be in. But do not worry, here are some tips that you can follow when you are caught in any such condition:

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    Identify where you stand in the relationship

    Identify where you stand in the relationship

If you accidentally find yourself in such a situation, then do not step back at an instant. Try to evaluate your role in the relationship. If you are just a third person in the relationship, then you must not give it a shot and withdraw decently. If you think that your partner gives more attention to you than to the other person, then prove your love and win the battle.

  1. Ponder over your feelings

    Ponder over your feelings

Is it just your crush or you have started developing some deep feelings for the person? You must judge your feeling towards the person. If you think that you are immature, and it is just matter of infatuation, then get out of the triangle. If you have strong feelings for the person, and you can’t live without his love, then you must fight for it.

  1. Why should you be the one?

    Why should you be the one

If you are not ready to back-off, then you should have a reason to continue the relationship. You should know how you can prove your compatibility with your loved one and how better are you from the other person. You have to make the person believe that you are his/her soul mate so that he/she chooses you over the other person.

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  1. Let the right one win

    Let the right one win

It is said that “Everything is fair in love and war” and a love triangle has both. So, let this be an open challenge for the three to pursue the right relationship with the right person. You have to keep an impartial face-off between the two and let the situation decide the result.

  1. Think about the consequences

    Think about the consequences

You know if you are the one discarded from the triangle, then you will be sabotaged. So, keeping that in mind, you must not give much importance to it, or you must prepare yourself mentally to face the bitter repercussions. The decision lies in your hands.

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  1. Make your choice

    Make your choice

You must be wondering, what kind of choice? The choice I am talking about is the choice between your love and your career because what happens is, teenagers are stuck with such memories in their mind and are not able to move on. So, if you are not much of a player, then you must stop playing with emotions and your life. So, start thinking about your career and rise above these petty happenings of life. Reading this book might be of a little help!

  1. Be emotionally strong

    Be emotionally strong

If you are psychologically strong to bear the side-effects of a love triangle, then you must not be in one. But if you have dived into this ocean, then you must know how to swim. You should have the guts to accept the rejection. Here is a book for you to read to work on those emotions you’ve been facing trouble to handle.

  1. Don’t be the reason for someone’s cry

    Don’t be reason of someone’s cry

If your childish love is becoming someone’s reason for crying, then you can’t stay happy. If you think that you are meant to be in this complicated relationship and your presence is drifting the two true lovers apart, then do not let this happen.

  1. Be open to let out feelings

    Be open to letting out feelings

Feel free to accept your feelings for the person no matter the relationship works or not. You might be caught in this love triangle, but your feelings are not false. So, don’t hesitate in showing them to all.

  1. Do not let your life suffer

    Do not let your life suffer

If you are dealing with such a sensitive matter, then you need to have a focus in life. Your daily life would be disturbed due to this. So, never let your instincts affect your life. It is your life, and you can’t disrespect it by placing too much importance to such situations.

Try to Come out of the Triangle

Do you remember the plot of the movie “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”? So, I hope you remember what happens to one of the victims of a love triangle -Rani Mukherjee? If not, let me remind you that she dies. Though not every love triangle is that painful, this is still a lesson for you. If you think that you are nothing in such a situation, then you should quit and get back to your normal course of life. Living life with no complications is better than repenting for your love that eloped with your friend. So, beware that if you propose to someone, then make sure you don’t have any competitor in your vicinity to compete with you.

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