10 Things in Girls that Attract Boys Towards Them


“Love is in the air”- This is the phrase that people often use to describe the condition of two lovebirds they see around. It is said when two people are destined to be together then nobody can stop them from uniting. But the tender age of adolescence when the people start to develop an infatuation for opposite sex seems to disrupt the normal occurrence of natural love. The moment you step into the college, your preferences and appearance change drastically. It happens because you become conscious of being noticed by others. Especially, girls undergo a transformation which makes them look more like a lady and less like an immature girl. All these occasions like prom nights, fresher’s party, and farewell party, etc. demand a good look and gorgeous personality. To impress the guys at the party is the ultimate goal of every girl. But this art of alluring men is not an easy one, and you need to develop really strong skills to attract boys or say, to impress the guy you like.


So, here are some of the tips that you need to know how to attract boys. Don’t Blush. Come on.! It is something very natural.

  1. Wear a pleasant SmileSmile-for-boys

A smile is the first thing that a guy notices in a woman. Girls are always expected to be elegant and well-mannered, and the way a girl smiles is a true portrayal of her grace. No matter how pathetic you laugh at your home – whether you have a demonic laughter, or you have an annoying cranky laughter- just don’t show it off in public. Try to look poised and laugh in a civilized manner. The best would be if you could just smirk and not let your thirty-two beautiful entities be shown to others.

  1. Smell goodSmell-good-for-boys

Would you ever picture yourself with a guy who stinks all the time? So, how can you expect a guy to like a lady who has a bad odor? Every individual has a fragrance that is specific to his/her personality. So, always go for a blossomy fragrance to attract boys. Here is one of the best perfumes you could find, to smell heavenly!
Your breath also counts for it. Not for somebody else, but at least for your personal hygiene, use a nice deodorant and bath regularly.

  1. Don’t be dramaticStay-Calm

Girls are known for their tantrums and drama. The guys never like girls who create a lot of emotional drama and blow issues out of proportions. Do not let this patriarchal society prove that women are weaker than men. No matter how many romantic movies you watch, just don’t let this drama spoil your romantic life.

  1. Guys like simplicity, do not use excessive make-upBoys-Like-Simplicity

The actresses might attract boys with a lot of make-up and beautiful flowing hair. But when it comes to choosing a girl for them, they always go for simple girls. That does not mean that you are going to quit make-up forever. Of course, that is impossible! What you can do is put on light make-up on regular days and surprise your guy with heavy make-up on special occasions. Putting on make-up does not mean that you will look like a monster. Just be particular about how you want to look. To be safe, apply a BB Cream and a little dash of lip colour with a sleek eyeliner.

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  1. Be feisty and hard to approachBe-difficult

When guys find hard to approach a girl, their ego gets hurt, and they wish to know the reason why the girl is not showing any interest in them. So, be playful and twirl the guy around your fingers by provoking him to talk to you. Don’t be bashful and give an impression of being highly unapproachable, then see how you attract boys and the guy gets caught in the magnetic attraction tactic and talks to you.

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