10 Tried and Tested Tips to Impress your Boyfriend’s Parents



10 Tips to Impress your Boyfriend’s Parents

Finally, the time has come, your boyfriend has popped the much awaited ‘Will you marry me’ proposal, and you with all the tears and blush have said ‘Yes’! Now when you think that everything is going to be set, there comes the awkward moment when you have to meet his parents for their approval. In this meeting with his family, everything you do counts as a first impression, and you have to make sure that it is a good one too. Want to impress your boyfriend’s parents, below we present to you 10 tips which would help you in convincing his parents and making them like you too.

1. Choose your clothes wisely

You can leave all those chick and sexy dresses for a later occasion and while meeting the parents of your boyfriend try and make sure that you tend to wear something a bit more subtle and appropriate. However this doesn’t mean that you dress shouldn’t be appealing it should be something which would be a bit ethnic however should be vibrant enough to give out positive vibes.


2. Carry a positive attitude and be polite

While meeting your boyfriend’s family try to be polite as well as have that smile all the time. Try to know a bit more about his family and start a positive conversation with his parents. Try to know a bit more about his parents’ interests and if they match with yours then bang you are definitely going to be the member of his family. Also, in case his mother has cooked something for you then do compliment it; she would love you for this.


3. Carry a gift along

You are visiting his parents the first time, and it would be an unpleasant gesture if you go there empty handed. You need to respect his parents and therefore take some time out and buy something which his parents would like. Ask your boyfriend what his parents love and take him with you to and buy something simple yet useful. Don’t go in for an expensive or fancy gift as this would depict itself as a bribe.


4. Adopt a listening strategy

While visiting the parents’ of your boyfriend try to be a good listener. This doesn’t mean that you ought to just sit back and be totally not interactive. Instead, ask them questions and be patient enough to hear the answers. You can add to the topics being talked about however don’t try to rattle about yourself.  People tend to be attracted towards anyone who they are able to share a common ground with and hence it might not be long since they start feeling you as a member of their family.


5. Don’t lie and be modest

When you meet your boyfriend’s parents, they will tend to ask yourself certain questions with respect to your background as well as your education. Try to answer these politely and with ease. Don’t simply answer in a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ instead be a bit more specific but at the same time avoid excessive dwelling around a topic. Also, don’t try to exaggerate your achievements as the chances are that your boyfriend has already told them how great you are. Try to be humble and at the same time be polite.

6. Don’t become Ms. Know-it-all

Yes you know everything about your boyfriend from his favorite color to his favorite dish, however, don’t try to portray this in front of his parents. Don’t just keep on speaking and remember that they ought to know him better than you. Families sometimes do tend to get protective, and this might prove to be one of the negative factors affecting your relationship with them.


7. Keep out all the romance

Nobody wishes to see a couple kissing and making out and definitely not the guys parents. Simple gestures such as wrapping your hands around his arms or calling him with a pet name might be too much. Therefore try to keep all the romance out of the house and try to avoid any physical contact. Do not be over friendly with them. His parents aren’t interested in knowing if he is a good kisser or not, they definitely don’t want to hear the story of your romance.


8. Don’t be bothered about the ex-factor

Yes, so you get to know the story of one of your boyfriend’s ex who was adored by their parents. She was someone they would love to have in their family. Don’t let it bother you. It was his past and isn’t going to be part of his future. Even if the parents bring her topic simply smile and change the subject. Don’t start taking interest and dwell deeper in the same.


9. Know the limits

Yes, we told you to be nice and polite to his family, however, do not overdo it. People don’t tend to appreciate brown nosing and while you may offer to help her mother with the dishes, overdoing the gesture gives your impression as someone fake. Therefore stay who you are and be confident with what you carry and how you carry it.


10. There’s always a second chance

So they didn’t seem to be impressed in the first meeting. Probably you accidently did something which gave them second thoughts. Don’t start doubting yourself over the first encounter. Try and give them the benefit of the doubt. It is possible that they were too shy and needed some more time to be comfortable. Give them some time and be ready for the next time you meet them.


The above tips would help you impress your boyfriend’s family. The thought of meeting them might scare you a little but remember he thinks of you as a great couple and in a given time the parents would think it too.


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