7 Things Women Do That Men Absolutely Adore (#6 Is Unbelievable)

power of silence

7 Things Women Do That Men Absolutely Adore (#6 Is Unbelievable)

A loving and gentle woman can be one of the best things that a man can have in his life. Having someone by your side who cares about you and loves you deeply can be the most wonderful thing in the world. Men want to experience the love and care of the woman they love.

power of silence

And while there is nothing more annoying to a man than a woman who acts like a child, takes too many selfies, gossips, only thinks about shopping, and so on, there are certain behaviors of women that men absolutely love!

Here are the 7 most important ones:

  1. Playing With His Hair

Men love when women play with his hair. Gently stroking his head will make him feel loved and cared for. Plus, it gives them physical pleasure, and they will feel much more connected to their woman.

  1. Listening Attentively

This assures your man that you care for him enough to be interested in what he has to say. He appreciates this quality in a woman because sometimes he wants a compassionate ear about something and he doesn’t want to talk it out with his friends.  

  1. Being Affectionate In Public

Small gestures, like fixing his hair, holding his hand, or hugging him when you are out alone or with friends, will make him feel loved and special. Men love when women publicly express their love for them.

  1. Burying Your Head In His Chest

Men want to make their women secure. This is why they love this move. They love when their woman buries her head in his chest because it makes them feel like real men who provide their women with a sense of security.

  1. Praising Him On Social Media

Men love to see that their woman is not afraid or ashamed to show her feelings to the world. Men want women who are expressive in their feelings. However, be careful not to exaggerate – moderation is your best friend.

  1. Texting/Calling Him When You Are Out With Friends

The fact that you are thinking of them when you are busy doing something or having fun with your friends makes your man feel special. So, don’t resist your urge to call him or text him when you are out with your friends – men love that.

  1. Catching You Looking At Him

Looking at each other’s eyes is a beautiful thing and men like this. However, when he catches you gazing lovingly at him when he is busy doing something else – his heart melts. It makes him fil loved and adored.

Finally, when a man truly loves a woman and feels that she is the right woman for him, there would never be a list that is long enough to tell all the things he loves about her.

Source: The Power Of Silence

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