The Benefits Of Organic Clothing And Why It’s Necessary

Organic Clothing

While picking up a piece of cloth of ourselves, the first things that we look out for are the fit and the style of the clothing. But what about the material of the apparels? It is an important part of clothing too. Have you considered by clothing that is crafted out of organic material? Well, we already know the benefits of organic food as well as organic cleaning products, but what about implementing organic in clothing material too? If you consider yourself as an environmentalist, then going for organic clothing is probably the best choice you can have.

Organic Clothing

Organic clothing plays an important role in terms of the health of our planet. By organic clothing, it signifies the growth of clothing material in an organic way which is eliminating the use of pesticide, insecticides and the usage of other chemicals for the growth of the clothing material.

These organic materials, such as organic cotton are grown in such a way so that it doesn’t harm the environment as well as the health of the soil. The main motto of organic clothing is to retain the health of the soil and also increase its fertility. Moreover, since there is no chemical involved in organic farming, the usage of water is far too less being compared to inorganic farming.

Organic Clothing

Why go for organic clothing?

The main reason to go for organic clothing is to retain the fertility of the soil by minimizing the use of pesticide, insecticide and another genetically modified organism to control the growth of the plants.

This process harms the health of human as well as the planet. But, only one percent of the total population of the earth uses organic clothing.
The usage of chemical on crops destroys the whole ecological balance. These pesticides and insecticides get dissolved in the water after heavy rain which poisons the water bodies. The amount of pesticides found in foods, farm animals and even in breast milk has drastically gone up over the years. This is the primary reason for supporting organic farming for the sake of human health.
Inorganic clothing causes problems in our daily life which we neglect.

The most common side effects for using inorganic clothing material are skin rashes, itching, dizziness as well as headaches which are caused by the residue of the chemical which is trapped inside the threads of the skin which eventually sips into our body through the skin pores. Organic clothing is necessary for saving the future of the earth.

Cotton is the most grown crop all over the world, and so is highly recommended to go for the cotton which is organically grown. This will bring demand for organic cotton among the growers.
So, let us have a look at some of the significant benefits of going for organic clothing.

Organic Clothing

• For the sake of the poor farmers and earth

The usage of pesticides heavily affects the health of the farmers. The fumes of the pesticides, insecticides or the other synthetic chemicals destroy the health of the farmers. So, if you start opting for organic clothing, the demand for the farming of organic cotton will also rise which will eventually save the health of the farmers as well as the earth.

Organic Clothing

• Cost saving farming

Conventional cotton farming requires chemicals which eventually raise the cost for producing the cotton. So, if there is an absence in the usage of the chemicals, the cost for farming eventually goes down. Moreover, if there is a low rate of investment in the production, then the amount of debt of the farmers will also go down which will help in preventing the suicide of the farmers.

Organic Clothing

• Healthy baby skin

Organic cotton is one of the most recommended clothing materials for babies. Babies have the most delicate skin which is prone to chemical attack. So, choosing baby apparel made out of organic cotton will help in saving the skin of the babies while protecting it from outside threats.

Organic Clothing

The process of growing for organic clothing material is also different from the conventional growing style. So, let us have a look at it:
• Seeds

While conventional cotton farming uses GMO seed which is pre-treated with fungicides as well as insecticides, the organic seeds use non-GMO seeds which are not coated with any form of chemicals.

Organic Clothing

• Growing methods

For conventional cotton farming, Monoculture farming is practiced which destroys the life of the soil nutrients and make the crops vulnerable to pest attacks. Most of the chemicals used by the conventional growers are already being classified as highly toxic chemicals by the Environmental Protection Agency. While on the other hand, practicing organic farming helps in retaining the nutrients of the soil, rather enhances them.
One of the popular clothing brands which have been implementing organic cotton in their farming style is Komodo with its popular jumpsuits for women. They are amongst the few brands that have been using organic cotton as the primary material of their clothing. There are other brands too who have been using this technique for saving the environment. So, go for an organic clothing brand today and contribute towards saving the health of the environment

Organic Clothing

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