Masturbation is practised by many people all over the world. Masturbation is exercised by both males and females. You can also learn some amazing male masturbation techniques a man seductively enjoy. But yes, why should boys have all the fun. So, we also have some hot masturbation techniques for females. As we know addiction of anything is harmful. Masturbation has started to corrupt life of most of the youngsters. There are a lot of masturbation side effects which can cause physical issues for a long term. Here are 10 masturbation side effects which are caused due to chronic masturbation habits-



If you are addicted to masturbating then, it can result in biological changes in the body. Men who are addictive to masturbate are no less than drug addicts. It causes a lot of biological changes which can be harmful to your body.

You will feel drowsy

Masturbating too much will make you feel sluggish as excess dopamine is released in the brain. When you feel groggy, you will gradually want to sleep.


Masturbating too much can affect you psychologically, and it can make you feel depressed after ejaculation. The person starts feeling sorry for himself. Depression can lead to many more problems. It can also cause stress and strain your mind. Masturbating too much is not good for mental well-being.

Sperm count

Masturbating too much can reduce your sperm count, and it will cause problems in your married life. When a couple desires to get pregnant, the men should stop masturbating as it will create problems because of the sperm count. It is one of the worst masturbation side effects.


Masturbation can cause nervousness and neurological problems. You will start finding yourself in the state of being nervous always. It can also cause neurological disorders in your nervous system, and it will harm your brain, spinal cord or the nerves in your body. It is one of the masturbation side effects which causes disorders in the nerves of our body.

Rough hands

If you masturbate too much with your rough hands, then your genitals will have scratches on it which can cause itchiness and irritation in your private part. You need to take care of your hands. Rough movements can also cause swelling. It can also cause a lot of pain in your hands, legs and back. Masturbating too much can also result in backache problems which can cause more severe pain.

Hair loss

Excessive masturbation can cause hair fall. In no time you will lose a lot of hair, and you will feel more depressed about it. If you masturbate more than 6 to 7 times a week, then you will see yourself losing hair. Your hair will become thin, and it will cause a lot of hair fall. You must avoid some things to keep your hair healthy. Hair loss is one of the masturbation side effects which can even make a person bald.


Masturbation can also cause ageing faster than your age. It is mainly linked to a drop in testosterone levels. Men who masturbate six times a week tend to age faster than the others. Ageing is one of the most annoying masturbation side effects as it makes a person look old. If you want to look forever young then you will have to take care of many things.

Memory loss

Masturbating can cause excessive release dopamine in the brain which can cause memory loss. The person starts to forget things very quickly and suffers majorly. Memory loss disturbs their daily life and causes a slow decline in memory which can cause a great trouble to them. Memory loss is one of the most dangerous masturbation side effects. It also disturbs your focus. There are various foods which help in increasing your focus but masturbation can destroy it.

Impatience is a common masturbation side effect

Masturbating too much makes a person very impatient. It starts to make a person so angry and anxious that it becomes frustrating to control. It is a common masturbation side effect of masturbating too much.

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