• benefits of coconut oil
    benefits of coconut oil

    You can do a lot with coconut oil from skin care to cooking in the kitchen.It is amazing how it has  countless benefits and uses in our day to day lives.I am going to mention a few to you today. Following are the incredible benefits of coconut oil :

  • It is an incredible natural hair conditioner.You just have to rub into dry hair ,wait for an hour and wash off with regular shampoo and conditioner.
  • It can help  heal skin faster after an injury or infection.
  • It naturally works as a SPF 4 sunscreen.Apply it before going out in the sun.
  • It helps to heal and moisturize cuticles.
  • It can also be used as a baby lotion or face moisturizer.Babies are given body massages with coconut oil for soft and supple skin.
  • It helps to heal cold sores naturally.
  • Coconut oil can increase hormone production when consumed regularly.
  • It also helps with depression and anxiety.
  • If ingested daily, it helps with allergies, digestion and eczema.
  • Coconut oil has a high lauric acid content that can help to boost metabolism.
  • It also contains certain beneficial fats that have been shown to improve autism in children.
  • The oil may even help improve or even reverse  Alzheimer’s.
  • The oil can help improve Insulin levels,cholesterol ratios,heart health and speed up weight loss.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce joint pain.
  • It makes a great all natural,sugar-free coffee or tea creamer.
  • Coconut oil maintains itz nutrients even heated at high temperatures in cooking and baking.
  • It is not stored as fat as it’s a healthy medium chain triglyceride.

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