Hey guys here are few tips to stay healthy

  • Nowadays, selecting the products for your skin and hair that suit you best is a very tedious task. You try several cosmetic products of different types ranging from low prices to extremely expensive of them before you actually land up with a permanent product in your closet. But if you actually think people in the old times had a glowing skin and healthy shiny hair without the use of such expensive cosmetic products.So,how was that possible.Well,one of the main reasons could be the healthy lifestyle they followed which is rarely seen in today’s world. Also remedies for skin and hair problems were not lotions and creams at the pharmacist instead they were the day to day used natural products used at our homes.So,I am going to tell you about some home remedies today for great skin and hair.
  • You must have heard drinking lemon water in summers is great for your body. It cleanses you body, helps in digestion and helps in detoxification of blood.Well,guess what ?? It is also a great bleaching agent .It helps remove pimple and acne marks from your face. All you to do is after you have your glass of lemon water, Rub the leftover over your face and let it dry for  15-20 minutes  and then wash it off with water. Some of you may feel itchy or irritations on your skin mainly because lemon is acidic in nature but that is how it will cure your pimples so don’t worry.
  • Tomatoes,potatoes, cucumber  and mashed papaya are great detanning vegetables.Just rub a slice on your face or maybe your dark underarms to get rid of the tan .You can apply tomato juice on your face with a cotton ball to get rid of excessive dirt and oiliness.Tomato pulp as face pack helpd get rid of acne.
  • Honey is a great substitute of sugar.It is a great energy booster ,immunity builder and a remedy for all ailments.Honey moisturizes skin to give it a glow.It has natural antibacterial properties to fight acne.Full of antioxidants,it slows down aging.It clarifies by opening the pores and unclogging them.
  • We have already discussed about Disgusting facts about fast food in our previous articles. Do read about them and try to keep away from such unhealthy food habits.
  • Milk baths hydrate your skin and help retain moisture after you have taken a bath.Just wash with clean water after taking a bath with water to get rid of the milk residue and have soft supple baby like skin.Milk may calm redness from sunburn,itching dur to skin condition like eczema and reduce dryness.Soaking hair in milk repairs dry and damaged strands.
  • Aloe Vera may be present in your balcony with the other plants.It is a cactus plant that gives a clear gel when one of it’s leaves is cracked open in between.Just apply it on your face for 15-20 minutes and wash off with clean water. It acts a soothing gel and treates acne and sunburns.It acts as a moisturizer and helps fight aging.

This is a cool infographic you might want to look at:

Tips to Stay Healthy
Tips to Stay Healthy

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