5 Things on How to Control your Sugar Craving ?



The foremost reason why people have a yearning for sweets is that their insulin level is bit high, and when that starts to come down one would like to get it back, up once again. It is a nasty series of cycle that makes you feel exhausted, drained and tired. Well here we will tell you few worthy tips that will help you to get back to a healthy lifestyle making you feel more active and energetic again.

 Increase your protein consumption: You often feel like eating sugar or sweet while your body actually desires and needs protein. For a start try eating eggs or food enriched in protein.

 Try getting rid of your temptations:  Trying to keep away from sweets is one of the best ways to control your sugar craving. If you ensure you don’t have sugar around you, its easier to stop yourself from indulging in it. What you can do to control your sugar craving is to eliminate the temptation before your desire comes for it. Clear everything around you that could spoil your diet and get rid of them. Keep something healthy for your snacks.

Eat Frequently:  If you skip meal it is really going to be hard to control your sugar craving. Now suppose you have missed a meal, you’d have a drop in the blood sugar level and you’d want to eat more sugar. So what you can do is, to eat 3 good, full meals and have snacks in between and that way you’ll feel good without getting hungry.

Avoid artificial sweeteners: These artificial sweeteners does little to control your sugar craving rather increase it. Artificial sweeteners like Saccharin, Aspartame increase your cravings for sugar and are likely to get you at a higher risk of cancer.

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Be cold to sweets and then eat in small amounts: Since the insulin level in your blood was supposedly high, first few days of non-indulgence in sweet is going to be really hard. So once you can control your sugar craving until your insulin level comes down, you won’t be craving for it as you used to. And after that you could have sweets in small amounts.

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