Hey, girls! Here are 10 reasons why you should orgasm at least once a day

reasons why you should orgasm at least once a day

Ladies, your orgasm is imperative. Though masturbation has some side effects, having an orgasm at least once a day has some impressive health benefits and it also feels excellent. It will improve many things in your body and will improve your health and benefits many things in your daily life. Here are ten reasons why you should orgasm at least once a day, girls!


It makes you happier

Masturbating every day will make you happy, girls! Orgasms release the endorphins dopamine and oxytocin which can improve your mood and make you happy. It can naturally light up your mood and create a natural high for you. What else do you need? Here are some hot masturbating ways you can use.

Increases fertility

Having an orgasm every day will also increase your fertility and sense of wellness by energising your hypothalamus gland. This gland regulates the appetite, emotions and the body temperature. On the other hand, the pituitary glands control the release of the reproductive hormones which induces cervical fluids and ovulation in your body.

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You’ll get perfect sleep

You will get more Zs after having an orgasm. Orgasm helps you fall asleep quickly and for a longer period. You will always wake up feeling fresh and happy. Having orgasm at least once a day improves your sleep cycle very efficiently.

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Your period will be regular

Having irregular period? And tired of it? Don’t worry. Having orgasm at least once a day can help you in getting your period more regularly. Orgasm helps in regulating your period. It will make you feel better when you will have a regular period instead of having it irregularly.

Less stress

Having orgasm at least once every day will always relieve your stress. While masturbating you release the happy hormone called ‘Oxytocin’ which makes your brain feel light and warm. It will make you feel completely relaxed and reduce your stress.

You will get the glow

Having orgasm at least once every day will light up your face and will make your face glowing and beautiful. It will make you look like forever young. It might also help in removing pimples and removing stretch marks.The DHEA hormone is released in your body while having an orgasm and can make you look so fair and beautiful. So, you don’t need a fairness cream when you have such natural skin helper.

The cramps will be better

When you orgasm every day, then your monthly cramps will be better. Having orgasm and endorphins, they help you in having natural period pains. So the next time when you are having horrible cramps, don’t reach out for pills, reach down for something else.

Increases the infection-fighting cells

Having orgasm once every day will also boost up your infection-fighting cells in the body, and it will also fight against breast cancer. Daily masturbating will help your body in fighting against cold and many kinds of flu.

You can ease up on exercise and diet

Having an orgasm every day can burn up tons of calories from your body, and it is better than working out in a gym. The more you masturbate, the more calories you burn. You can only ease up on your exercising session as you can directly burn calories on your bed. Some food also burn fats.

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Improves circulation to the organs

Having an orgasm every day can improve the circulation to different organs. It can help your body in growing healthy tissues. It can also deliver the right nutrients to all the organs in your body. Having an orgasm every day is very healthy for your body, mind and skin.

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