Habits That Leading To Lower Sperm Count

Lower Sperm Count


10 Habits that are leading to a Lower Sperm Count

It is not a surprise that new or let’s say modern day habits have had a serious effect on our health. Daily sitting job, followed by almost a lazy routine with little or no exercise has a serious impact on our health. However being in this lifestyle for long apart from harming your skeleton system has some serious threats posed to the reproductive system. One of the most common issues which are faced by the men includes lower sperm count. It is surprising to see men below the age of 25 facing serious fertility issues.

Below we present to you 10 lifestyle habits which are lower sperm count in men

1. Working With the Laptop On Your Lap


This is one hard habit that most of us are addicted to. You would find numerous people using laptops on their laps, and this is one of the prime reasons behind the lower sperm count in men. The temperature which is produced from the laptop is known to affect directly the testicles which are present outside the body so that they remain cool. Using laptops on the laps decreases or let’s say burns down the chances of you having children at a time.

2. Wearing Tight Underwear or Pants Most of the Time


The reason for this fact being in this list is similar to the previous one. Anything that tends to increase the temperature near the groin is bound to reduce the overall sperm count in the body. Wearing extremely tight clothes especially pants or underwear should be avoided as it tends to heat up the groin area and in the long run does tend to result in lower sperm count.

3. Drinking too much alcohol


Yes, men beware. In case you are consuming too much alcohol that too on the rocks in order to get lucky, then it might actually result in lower sperm count. A study conducted at a university in the USA suggested that 5 units of alcohol do tend to reduce your overall sperm quality. It not only affects the quantity but directly influences the quality.

4. Utilising Sunscreen


Enjoying on the beach you might actually want to protect your body from excessive tanning as well as sunburn, but the sunscreen which you use may be responsible for lower sperm cout. Research conducted by the people in Australia found that while the sunscreen would protect you from the harmful rays of the Sun, the chemical present in this lotion might actually affect your overall sperm count. Try washing all the sunscreen off your body as soon as you enter any indoor areas. If left in the same way for a longer period of time then your skin would be unnecessarily absorbing all the chemicals.

5. Consuming Too Much Soy


One of the best sources of proteins for the people who are on a strict vegetarian diet, soy also does affect your sperm count. The presence of isoflavones in soy allows it to function as an estrogen and therefore is known to increase the concentration of female hormones in the body. Research conducted at Harvard revealed that even consuming a half serving of soy daily significantly can give you lower sperm cout.

6. Taking a Hot Shower


We know hot shower baths are pretty relaxing. However as comfortable as they may sound, hot shower bath may actually result in lower sperm count by heating up your testicles. Testicles are known to function at their best when they are cool, and this is the reason they are located outside the body. Extra hot shower baths are known to reduce the sperm count as they tend to heat up the testicles and hence hampering their normal functioning.

7. Poor Sex Life


Yes, a poor sex life induces lower sperm count. Numerous studies have confirmed that less action you have in your bed lesser is the chances of suffering from infertility. So for your sake take the phrase of all work and no play makes you a dull boy and bit seriously and spruces up your sex life a little.

8. Smoking


Smoking has been known to result in lower sperm count. Actually, they are known to reduce the overall sperm motility which is the rate at which sperm flows. Research conducted in Germany found that smoking is known to induce free radicals in the fluid and hence you should try to be as far as possible from such harmful substances.

9. Having to Stress In Your Life


This is something that most of you might be quite aware of. Out of the numerous side effects which occur in the body due to stress, having a lower sperm count is one of them. Suffering from an excess of stress is known to cause a hormonal imbalance in the body and therefore is known to lower the overall sperm count of the body.

10. Being Obese or Overweight


Higher BMI has been known to increase the chances of numerous diseases affecting the body. Obesity has been known to increase the overall levels of estrogen in the body, and thereby it tends to affect the production of sperm. Having more fat in your body has also been known to increase the temperature of the body and therefore heats up the testicles to an extent where their normal functioning is not possible.

So, above mentioned were quite a few reasons which might be directly or indirectly affecting your sperm count. Therefore try and stay clear of these reasons which might be affecting your level of sperm.

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