10 Surprising Human Body Fact That You Might Not Know



10 Surprising Facts about Human Body that You might not have Heard Of

Human Body is one of the most complicated machines which have ever been known to mankind. With vast neural networks as well as bone structures it is amazing how it can carry out numerous tasks that too for about 70-80 years on an average. There are many facts that you probably might not know about your body and here are the top 10 which we think will blow your mind apart:

  1. Gaining in a single pound of fat results in adding of 7 miles of new blood vessels.

When new tissues are formed in the body, your vascular system tends to increase to accommodate it. This also means that your heart tends to expand its overall functioning so that the blood can now be transported through the new network and the nutrient supply to the new tissues can be accomplished. Whenever you lose some weight, your body reabsorbs the blood vessels allocated to any particular tissue and hence will break it down.


  1. The tissues of muscle tend to burn calories more than fat

This is the secret behind people who have higher muscles ratio tend to look fit. Higher the concentrations of muscles in your body higher are the levels of calories burnt, and so there is a reduced level of fat in the body.


  1. You tend to be taller in the morning as compared to evening

When you wake up in the morning and hence at the time when you leave your bed, your height is an inch greater than that observed in the night. When you wake up in the morning, the fluid between your discs tends to be filled and hence your overall height increases. However, while you work throughout the day, you carry out numerous tasks through which disc is squeezed, and hence the fluid flows out and thereby effecting your overall height.


  1. Your Stomach Produces a new protective line within itself so as it doesn’t digest itself

While digestion of your food occurs, there are strong digestive acids particularly Hydrochloric acid released. This acid has since long been used to treat numerous metals and has the same level of effect on your stomach also. However, your stomach has its own lining which protects it from any effect by this hydrochloric acid. This line is re-formed every three days, and hence your stomach doesn’t digest itself.


  1. Your Skin is Also An Organ

Similar to any other body organ such as liver, kidney, stomach, etc. your skin is also an outer organ. An average man is known to contain a layer of skin which can completely cover around 20 ft. land. For women, this distance reduces by 3ft. Also, out of your total body weight, 12 percent of the weight is that of your skin. This outer organ of your works extremely fast and around 45000 skin cells are reduced in a matter of few seconds.


  1. After age of eighteen, your brain doesn’t grow

After you achieve the age of eighteen, your brain health tends to decrease, and it begins to lose around 1000 cells every day. Although, only 2 percent of your total body weight is utilized by the brain, however, it consumes around 20 percent of your total energy. This organ works throughout the day and apart from the function of producing REM, it works over time to maintain your overall working of the body.


  1. You Cannot Tickle Yourself Because Your Brain Knows

The brain tends to respond quite actively to the things that are a surprise to it. Therefore, when other people tickle you that is something that brain isn’t prepared for and hence response time isn’t that fast. However, when you tickle yourself, your brain is monitoring your hand movement and hence has a very quick response time to this sensation.


  1. Bones breakdown to Support the Levels of Calcium in Our Body

Apart from supporting our overall body structure, bones are one of the prime components that help with the process of maintaining the levels of calcium. These hard components of the body are known to contain phosphorus as well as calcium needed by the overall body. So in case any of the above-mentioned elements is missing, then certain hormones causing breaking down of the bones to fulfill the need.


  1. Puberty Affects Our Behaviour

While most of us know that puberty is responsible for the growth of body, there are some more effects of this change that we aren’t sure off. Puberty affects the body organs and hence cause changes in the functioning of the neural cells. This leads to an increased effect on the brain and thereby leads to numerous behavioral changes. This is the reason while during puberty you tend to experience a bit of awkwardness as well as poor decision-making abilities.


  1. You need to consume a quarter of Water for four months to meet the quantity of blood pumped by heart in one hour

Yes, this is quite surprising. Your heart is one of the most amazing machines and performs one of the most important functions in the human body. In your entire lifetime, you produce so much blood that it can completely fill 13 super tankers. Also, your heart tends to beat around 40,000,000 times in a single year which results in around two billion and six hundred million heartbeats over your entire lifetime. Also, this value doesn’t include times when your heart rate expands or increases.


So these were some of the facts that you probably might not have heard or if heard were not sure about.

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