Use These 10 Hacks To Give Your Hands And Feet A Celebrity Look


Fair and beautiful hands and feet are as important as face and neck. The UV sun rays come in direct exposure with the hands and feet. So, taking care of hands and feet is also important because it comes along with the other visible body parts. Direct sun rays, dust, pollution and lack of cleansing darkens your hands and feet. Here are 10 hacks which will brighten up your skin and give your hands and feet a celebrity look.

Dry orange peel

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Oranges are rich in vitamin C and are known as a natural bleaching. Orange peels can whiten up your skin and make your skin look fairer. You can grind orange peel into a smooth powder and then mix it with milk to make the paste thick. Then apply it on your hands and feet to remove tan. After washing the paste, you will get clean hands and feet just like celebrities.

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