Laser Hair Removal

If you are tired of waxing and shaving unwanted hair, then you can get laser hair removal done at home. It is commonly done with a beam light which destroys the hair. Laser hair removal can be done wherever you want to remove the unwanted hair. There are many types of lasers done of different skin type.


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How to prepare

Laser hair removal is getting rid of the unwanted hair all over your body. It is a medical procedure which also has many risks involved. You should always go to a qualified and number one doctor for laser hair removal. If you want to get this treatment done then, you need to stop waxing six weeks before the treatment as laser treatment removes hair from the roots.


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When laser hair removal treatment is done, you will feel sunburned for some days, but cold compresses can help. If you get it done on the face, then you cannot use makeup for some days as it will cause blisters on your face. Let’s discuss some side effects of laser hair removal.

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1.Laser hair removal involves a lot of heat which can sometimes burn your skin. The injuries generally happen to the patients who have darker skin. The injuries can be mild and severe both.

2.It is important to protect your eyes during the treatment or else it can cause injuries to your eyes.

3. The skin stays red for a few days, and it can also swell up.

4.You can face some itching during or after the hair removal treatment.

5.Laser hair removal can cause hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation.

6.Pain and numbness are very common after laser hair removal treatments.

7.Laser hair removal can also cause infection in that area.

These are very common and will appear within the first few days of the treatment, and it will disappear very soon.

Advantages of laser hair removal

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Laser hair removal can be done very quickly as it can take many hairs at the same time. The laser can treat an area which is the size of a quarter in seconds. Smaller areas are done even faster, but areas which are a little large like leg and back can take up to one hour.

Most people start to have hair loss after an average of four to seven sessions. If you get permanent laser hair removal, then the problem of waxing will be finished.

3.Laser hair removal treatments are very easy.

4.Laser hair removal saves a lot of time as you don’t need to shave every day or weekly.

5.It can also eliminate the ingrown hair.

6.You can also prevent money in a long run as laser hair removal treatment is just a one-time treatment.

Cost of laser hair removal

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1.The laser hair removal cost varies widely, and it depends on some factors.

2.The cost depends on the size of the area which you are getting treated on and also the time required for the treatment.

3.The cost also depends on the number of treatments required to remove your hair permanently.

4.The cost depends on the country where you are getting the procedure done.

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Laser hair removal has its benefits and side effects. You will need to adjust for some days after the treatment, but at the end, it is worth getting done. The cost varies, but it gives an amazing effect.

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