Get naughty! 10 seductive tips to make love with your partner in the bathroom




One of the best ways to dial up the romance is a change of surrounding, but that doesn’t mean you have to go outside. Look around your next destination is as close as to your bathroom. Yes, we are talking about bathroom sex!

Making love under the shower is a lot more than just another type of sex. We can call it as bathroom sex. It is more intimate and can help you and your partner feel closer and create a better bond between the two of you. And when you are in the shower don’t just think of sex, there is a lot more do there instead of just being done with it. Bathroom sex doesn’t only indicate sex, it is a lot more than that. It is being intimate and in love.
What more you can do in there, you ask? Well, let us tell you how to have a wild time in the bathroom.
Here are 10 tips that will help you make love to your partner in the bathroom.


1. Prep the bathroom

You know how we clean and decorate the room with roses, candles, wines, and whatnot, for a romantic evening, just do the same with your bathroom. Start by cleaning the shower, putting away soap, shampoo, or anything that you are not going to use during bathroom sex. Because you don’t accidentally want to sit on a razor during the process.
Next, stash the shower with the things that you will need a loofah, washcloths, revitalising body wash and shampoo. For the sake of safety, you might want to put some non-slipping mats to the shower floor. If you have a bathtub, then don’t forget the bath bombs, it is a must-have! To add to the ambience play some soft music and don’t forget scented candles, ever romantic!


2. Use the shower accessories

Now you are in there with your partner but it is too early to have bathroom sex. Get under the shower, and it’s time to use the shower accessories in a whole new way. Lather each other up with soap, use shampoo to give your partner a sensual head massage. Play with different shower head settings, but make sure you share the shower head, if there is only one.

3. Take your time

You are not there to give each other a bath, so don’t rush through the process. Lather your partner slowly and sensually, and you will make them go wild. However, don’t make it a marathon, you may run out of the water and your hands aren’t the only body part that gets snippy.

4. Seduce Each Other

Stand in front of the mirror while exploring each other (lathering is optional). It will be like watching a sexy couple making out in front of you; it will turn on both of you. Kiss each other under the shower; the kisses will be wet, sexy and passionate. Take your time with the foreplay, touch each other slowly and sensually, we will get to the wild part just be patient. This will lead to bathroom sex automatically. You need not do anything further. You will get with the flow.


5. How about an oral?

Oral sex in the bathroom is a great idea to make things wilder. Even if in the beginning you don’t feel like giving an oral to him/her, don’t worry the when you will be standing under the shower with your partner, and you will get in the mood. You know the best part, it won’t be just a one sided satisfying activity anymore! One thing to make sure, use massage oil, it will enhance your experience.


6. Towel to the rescue

When you are making out with your partner in the shower, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable or slippery, just spread a towel on the floor. And when you or your partner will go on the knees, cuddle, or have sex, a towel can give your butt and knees the cushioning to make it feel comfortable. The towel is the answer to the cold floor too.


7. Try different position

Let me tell you folks; there is no best sex position during bathroom sex. What works for you may not work for others and vice versa. It all depends on your flexibility and your bathroom space. However we can suggest few bathroom sex positions that work for all, one is the doggie style, where the girl is on knees, and palms and the guy stand behind her. The other is with both of you standing and facing each other while the girl places one leg higher on the wall or a firm rest.

You can even go for missionary if you have enough space in the bathroom. No matter what position you take, make sure you and your partner are comfortable.


8. Don’t change positions too quickly

This is an extension to the previous point. Here is a fact for you guys, over 90 percent of the shower injuries are the result of rushing in and out of positions and getting too excited. Of course, you must switch things up, but slow down there! As you can see the bathroom is not the safest place to have sex, so make sure you are careful.


9. Get a grip!

As we discussed earlier, the bathroom is kind of a risky place to have sex, if you are not careful. Make sure you always have a firm footing. Don’t rest your foot on anything that will not be able to take your weight. And always ensure that there isn’t anything slippery like soap bars on the floor. Better safe than sorry, right?


10. Don’t give up!

Bathroom sex might not be as easy as the normal sex. But don’t let the challenging first time discourage you from trying it again. It is the experiments like this which keep the couple bonded. Besides, after few more shower rounds, you will get the hang of it.


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