Tips which would definitely help you to convince your parents for an inter caste marriage

Tips which would definitely help you to convince your parents for an inter caste marriage


Tips that will help you convince your Parents for an inter caste marriage

Marriage is a special bond between two different people. It signifies that two persons will always be there for each other and find themselves at peace at each other’s company by mutual attraction and cooperation. A marriage in its purest terms intends to bring together two souls for a unified life where sadness and happiness are shared. And marriage is more glorified by love. Love makes marriage more sacred and strong.

Our society is filled with diverse people. People with different caste live in our society, and that means there are different mentalities too. In our society, often it has been seen that inter caste marriage has received widespread negative criticism. Due to a stereotype or a belief that is not known or understood fully, inter caste marriage has faced loathing of the greatest extents in our society.

Parents play the most eminent role when it is about marriage. Being the makers of the family, they get a rightful say on the marriage of their son or daughter. At times, marriage is proposed by careful selection of candidates and sometimes it is affected by the eternal love. When love is the primary decider, caste is naturally not a hindrance for the individual. But as it turns out, if the caste of both candidates does not match, parents often express discontent and rejection. This is unhealthy for the family as well as the individuals to be involved in marriage.

Here are some ways by which you can convince your parents for inter caste marriage:

Show them why you are in love with the other person

Love is not bound by caste or religion. It is an eternal feeling of the soul that can be felt by every common person. If you are in love with the person you chose to marry, then it is very much a welcome act if you explain your parents of why you love each other. Make them understand that your love is genuine and mature. Try to show them what makes you both be in love forever. Tell them what makes you best suited and compatible for each other. Show them you can handle each other and understand yourselves effectively. Show them how good you are at communicating with each other.

Introduce them to your partner

Let your parents meet the man/woman of your choice. Set up an interaction between your parents and your chosen one. Allow them to get to know each other and talk freely. This will clear the air in their minds about your choice and interests. Talking to your partner might prove to be an eye-opener for them. The best way to understand people is to have a conversation with them in personnel. Give your parents the opportunity to talk to them. Simultaneously, it will also help in establishing respect for your to-be better half in their eyes.

Wait for the right moment

Marriage is a very important decision for the family as a whole. So do not hurry and be whimsical in breaking the news to your parents. Wait for the right moment and then tell them. It would be a highly inappropriate thing to discuss stuff they despise when they are already upset over some other matter. So find the right place and time and then calmly let them know about the marriage proposition. Most favourably, marriage is a serious issue and hence, it needs to be discussed in calm circumstances.

Never be rude to them by saying you will move out

Perhaps, this is the most important thing that needs to be understood. Parents have played a very significant and the most important role in your life. They have as much right to take decisions for you as much as you do. They have seen you grow and you stand where you are because of them. So never ever try telling them about moving out with your partner. It will break their hearts or worse plunge them into depression. Marriage is a family thing, and you must ensure the best possible way to find a balance between your parents and your partner. In a marriage, it is more important to ensure that the people around you are also happy when you are. If things are difficult for your parents, then allow time for dialogue and understanding without taking abrupt and mindless decisions. Happiness can never be a singular entity.

Show them examples of inter caste marriage

Parents are often bent on giving examples to prove their point. They need to be given good examples to understand a point. So think of people who have been involved in inter caste marriage and yet have been successful. Show them that it is possible to be happy by marrying someone from the other caste. Examples will broaden their minds and might help you convince your parents in your favor.

Stop them from interacting with negative minds

There are some influential people who are strictly against the idea of inter caste marriage. These people are stubborn and egoistic enough to understand a valid point because they are too much shielded by their arrogant opinions. These people might play as an antagonist for you. They might catalyze your parents against your inter caste marriage. Even when your parents are on the verge of agreeing with you or understanding what you intend to explain, these people will always find a way to find a silly point to convince your parents against you. So try to keep your parents away from such hypocrites as much as possible.

Get your siblings or cousins to support you

The support of your friends, brothers and sisters or cousins would help you to overcome the resistance from parents. If you have some of your family members on your side, then convincing your parents will be easier as you now have someone who will bat for you. The support of family members would make it a little difficult for your parents to strictly disapprove of your proposition.

Marriage is a complicated thing or so to say because of the families involved. It is the duty of the individual to consider his/her better half and his/her parents as a part of the same family because your parents have got as much right to be happy as much as you do. For then only can a successful marriage be possible.

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