Are you in your teens and have never been on a date before? Do you visualize your first date in a particular setting? Have you prepared some plans for the first date that will last in your memory forever? So, here is the perfect date planning for you. On your first date, it is vital to notice the intricate details of the venue, the ambiance, and the music, and the conversation that you are going to initiate. You surely don’t want to sabotage your special day with the special someone. The dates are meant to impress your crush or your loved ones. If you like someone, then definitely you won’t budge into that person’s life just like that. You have to make efforts to win his/her heart. You have to impress your special someone to discover his/her feelings about you. Just imagine the soothing music playing in the background, you and your partner shaking their legs together in the ballroom, and then the silence between you two is broken by the kiss that happens under the mistletoe.

So, here are 10 tips that can make your first date rocking:

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    Dress up well


It is the first component of conducting a perfect date. You should select something comfortable and unlike your regular dresses. You have to look at your best. Men should go for an attire of a gentleman. The girls don’t need any advice because they know how to look elegant, unlike boys who have to bath to smell good, especially on their date. Your fragrance is another parameter to judge your seriousness towards your date. You have to shower and use a refreshing deodorant not to let the ambiance stink because of your unhygienic habits.

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  1. Choose a perfect venue


How about a beautiful restaurant on the ethereal beaches, or a date in an isolated park, or an enclosed resort with adornments? Anything can work as long you make the view soothing to behold. Please don’t take your date to a Pani Puri wala because that does not count as a date. Especially for girls, they eat Pani puri on a regular basis with their friends. So, create an atmosphere which allows only you and your partner’s voices or the heart beats be heard loud enough. You can plan sweet gestures like giving flowers or gifting a card that displays your feelings for the person. Then you should dance with your date getting closer to each other.

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  1. Be right on time


If your date comes to pick on time and you are not ready, then it gives a bad impression, or if you are supposed to pick your date from home and you’re late, that is also not acceptable. You have been waiting for this day for a long time and now when the day has finally arrived, do not delay it further. You should set the timing of all the surprises that you have planned for your date. Say, for instance, your date is disrupted by a downpour, then do not sadden yourself, rather come up with a substitute.

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  1. Don’t be over excited


What happens is when people are experiencing such tete-a-tete for the first time, they get butterflies in their stomach. Their nervousness turns into excitement, and they end up doing unwanted things on their date. For instance, if you are amazed by the beauty of your date and you want to start the conversation by complimenting her, then you might err in doing so. Avoid such fumbles and keep calm. It is just a date, not your marriage proposal that you have to decide your spouse for the rest of your life.

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  1. Don’t mess things up


If you are much of a cluttered piece, then stay away from things that might go wrong. If you think that champagne gets you high, or you don’t have the knowledge of handling cutlery, then either practice beforehand to get things right on the day or do not bring any such trouble to your momentous day.

  1. Begin with a light conversation


You must start the conversation be exchanging compliments to each other. Make sure that your partner reciprocates with a smile. You must share one another’s like and dislikes and don’t indulge in serious talks. The conversation should be in such a way that it builds up the romantic mood and does not make the person feel trapped with you.

  1. Exchange smiles


Smiles and nods express the approval of the person for the continuation of the date. If your date grins, then understand that he/she is enjoying the time with you, and if he/she chuckles, then that is not an indicator of his/her appreciation, he/she must be feeling forced to be spending the time with you.

  1. Maintain eye contact with your date


When you gaze into the eyes of the person, the person feels that you notice his/her presence around you. Your gaze makes him/her feel that you are interested in him/her. But remember if your stare makes him/her uncomfortable, then stop it.

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  1. Watch out your body language


You must have a gentleman-like appearance or the ladylike walk to impress your date. You have to sit properly with cross legs and must order the menu in a respectable manner. There are certain rules for men. They should always let the lady do things first like ordering the meal, or asking her to dance with them. They should pull the chairs out to let the lady settle on the chair.

  1. Go easy on your first date kiss


It depends on the couple. If you both are ready for it, then keep it subtle. Men must do it by kissing her forehead or her hands. If you think that your date is not prepared for it, then say no to kisses. If you want to know the remark for your date, then just give the chance to your partner to say it on his/her own.

Ready to rock your first date?

So, have you started picturing your date with your crush? Snap out of it. These 10 tips will be contributory in making your first date memorable. You will definitely have to out budget your account to do something extraordinary for your date. If you really want to continue the relationship with the person, then you will have to do this much. You can become the star of lovers if you pull off your first date really well. Don’t spoil the mood by any troubles that might occur in between, just let the romance between you two bind the atmosphere. If you follow these tips properly, then your efforts will pay, and you will occupy a special place in your partner’s heart.

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