10 Signs Indicating That You Have Got Your Mr. Perfect



Are you after your perfect match? Do you always browse the matrimonial sites in the hope of getting your Mr. Right? Are you in search of a relationship that is made in heaven? Then all the girls out there let me tell you, that it is not that easy to get the one guy that you wish to spend the rest of the life with. You need to be skeptical and patient to let the right man knock the door of your heart. It is awkward that the world is crowded with the population of men, but still getting a life-partner is extremely difficult.

There are multiple options available in the world, but which one to choose? You know the men are treated like commodities if you see from the perspective of women because it is like the commodity (man) that has better qualities will be sold. But if you are thinking like that, then definitely dear, you are not in the quest of your soul mate; you are seeking a time pass mate for you. Your life is not to be wasted in such naive acts. Your Mr. Perfect will approach you when the right time comes. But how would you know that he is the one? It is very simple if you notice the below-mentioned qualities in a guy, then definitely you have met your inamorato.


 1. When he knows what you like

If the guy knows that you like ice cream sundae in your desert and orders it before you say it. If he knows that boozing with his friends at home would annoy you and thus, cancels his plans for you. All of these instances are an indicator of the fact he knows you inside out, and that is because he truly loves you. The marriage is not an official stamp to your relationship; it is an agreement between both the individuals that their likes and dislikes are shared by one another. So, if the guy you are dating can see through you, then he is the guy meant to be with you.

 2. He never hesitates to apologize for his mistakes

This is the secret of a successful relationship and marriage. There is a big balloon of ego that men carry on their heads. Once that balloon is deflated with your needle of love, then he gets into the habit of admitting his mistakes and also develops the virtue of forgiveness. It does not mean that only men are supposed to do that. An ideal relationship always requires equality from both the aspects, so women are also equally guilty. So, let both of you admit your faults and live a balanced life together.

 3. When he does not feel embarrassed watching you without make-up

Obviously, if you are giving a thought of spending your entire life with one guy, then he must love your inner beauty. If your partner feels embarrassed of your looks and asks you to dress up well, then definitely there is something wrong with him. If he cannot bear your natural beauty, then such kind of man is not worthy of any woman’s love.

 4. Keeps you on No. 1 priority

If a guy falls for you and forgets about everything else and cares about you, then he is madly in love with you. If the man always thinks about your preferences and your dreams, then he is ready to accept an eternal relationship with you. If he sacrifices his most admired and closest things in his life for you, then he is surely the one guy you want to walk down the aisle together.

 5. When he knows your flaws and accepts you with them

Nobody is perfect. It is just that when two individuals unite, they make a perfect couple because they both have defects and shortcomings, and they are willing to accept each other with them. Remember the movie “Barfi”! How the two protagonists fall for each other despite the deformities both had. How can you forget “Fault in our stars”? So, if you find someone who is not comfortable being around you because of your flaws, then show him the door that departs him from your life.

 6. When he fears losing you

When your lover has the only fear in life, and that is, he might lose you; then he will put his best efforts to make you happy and never let you go out his life. The fear might be due to your chronic disease or the other guy who is trying to win your heart. No matter how insecure he feels, he never quits and lets you escape from his love.

 7. When he is ready to do the impossible for you

Doing impossible things does not refer to the idiotic things that actors in films dare to do. It means fighting the rudimentary thoughts that society dwells about your relationship. If the guy has an interest in you and dares to do an inter-cast marriage, then that is called an act of a lionhearted man. So, if a man says that he will get anything you ask for and shows cowardice when it comes to revealing your relationship to your parents, then he is not eligible to be called a man.

 8. He shares your life with you

If he wants to share the darkest secrets of his life with you and gives you the vibes that your secrets are also safe with him, then he is your life-partner. If he gets sad when you are upset, when he wants to see the giggle on your face in your morose days of life, then he is the man you have been waiting for. The life has given you a chance to merge your soul with another.

 9. When he brings out the best in you

Love is not just about two people getting together; it is about two individuals complementing each other in the highs and lows of their lives. If the person is around you and he teaches you the lesson of life that no one has ever done before, then your yearning for your Mr. Perfect has finally paid.

 10. He immensely loves you and your family

The girls are very much attached to their families, and if the guy respects her family as much as she does, then this is a sheer gift that she gets from God. The relationships often fail due to the family clashes. At times, the changed preferences of life after marriage can lead a relationship to its end. So, always choose the guy who loves you and your family and takes care of them wholeheartedly.

Propose your Mr. Perfect if he shows the above signs

So, do you think the guy you have a crush on has a thing for you? If yes, then expect him to pop the most desired question for you soon. Gone are the days, when only the guy was expected to propose to the girl first. The time has changed and if you think that your Mr. Perfect will slip out of your hands if you don’t propose to him, then don’t feel shy and do it with guts. If we say that men are over-fastidious about their lady partner, then they must know that girls are no less. So, all the men out there if you want to tie a knot with any of the girls, then you have to stand up to the expectations that women have set for them. Otherwise, your chance is gone.

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