Is it only the men who are supposed to put their sweat and blood in impressing a woman? No, right? If the girls wish their Prince Charming, then the guys also dream of Cinderella as their life partner. Men may not express their feelings when they are genuinely in love with someone. So, don’t they deserve to get the attention that is always associated with women?  All the girls out there; here is an opportunity to know the tactics that will make the guy fall for you at an instant. These 10 ways will help in making the guy fall for you:


 1. Your eyes

The intensity of eyes speaks the honesty that dwells inside you. Wear a smile on your face and your eyes will automatically lighten up. Your eyes should reflect the modesty in you. You don’t have to wink or do anything to make the man judge you. Just let the things go with the flow.

 2. Your individuality

Men adore girls who take their own stand and who don’t need anybody else to hide behind. The days are gone when girls had to be timid and wait for their hero to rescue them. Self-dependence and broadmindedness are two vital features that a gentleman looks for in a girl.

 3. Your dress (be it classy or goofy)

Your outfits should make him gaze at you for a minute. It is not mandatory that you wear expensive clothes and accessorize a lot to catch his attention. You just have to represent your personality through your dressing style. That’s all. You don’t have to over-do anything to get things on track between you and him.

 4. Be difficult to get

When a girl is not easily approachable to the guy, then the guy’s ego gets hurt badly. So, you have to make the man think that you are not interested in him, then he will automatically come after you in the hope of winning your heart. Be the girl who’s different from others and not the one who is like the rest.

 5. Beauty with brains

It is a myth that a guy loves to spend his life with a bimbo. Beauty is the first factor that attracts a guy to a girl, but that is just not the only factor. You can’t make a guy fall for you if you don’t show him that you are more than just a mannequin. You can show your talent to the guy; he will admire it.

 6. Your body language

The way you stand, speak, and sit, everything matters for the guy. If he notices little nuances about you, then you can be sure that he has fallen for you. You have to be yourself and act lady-like to impress the guy.

 7. Your touch

Your actions are the indicator of your feelings. The way you hold his hands, the way you embrace, and the way you touch his arms make him feel attracted to you. He will acknowledge your feelings, and respect them.

 8. When you disclose something unusual about yourself to him

When you become open to the guy even a bit, then he starts to think that he has earned your trust. He will also reciprocate in the same manner and share his secrets with you. You have to let the guy realize that he means something to you, and that is why you are ready to let him be closer to you.

 9. Your absence

Once you develop that affinity for yourself in the heart of the man, then just disappear for a while and see how restless he becomes just to glance at you. If you want the guy to be yours, then you have to bear this much distance from him for some time.

 10. Your way of talking

Every person has a typical way of talking.  Girls generally love men with a heavy voice. The girls may not have Adam’s apple that gives a base to the men’s voice, but they definitely have a beautiful tonal quality to mesmerize anyone. I don’t mean to say that all girls are born singers, but they do have some gift of a pleasant voice. Even if you sound cacophonic, then also you can make the guy be the fan of your accent, or phonetical prowess, or your communication skills. Men die to have girls who have accomplished the art of talking, not burbling.

Woo your Guy

Do you think you are capable of driving a man crazy for you? Is your charm enough to make him go down on his knees? Do you believe that your crush will soon start falling for you too because your charisma is just irresistible? If yes, then you must be an expert of making men fall for you in a snap of a finger. The points mentioned above are just to guide you to make you closer to the man you love. Men have this issue of undermining the ability of women to impress, so change this perception of men about women. It is important to do something out of the blue. So, go girls, get your guy!

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