“I have already given blood once. My job is done”

Do you know that 14th June is celebrated as WORLD BLOOD DONATION DAY? Have you donated blood this time? Have you given blood ever in your entire life? If not, then my dear friends you are either not eligible to donate blood or you are a coward. You haven’t done anything for such a big social cause then you should sit and think – Are you a Human? Blood donation is carried out only by those who are selfless and think about others’ welfare. If you are not donating blood then you should start doing it right away.

It is very astonishing to see people running away from donating blood as if a dog is chasing them with full speed. It is very selfish of people to turn a blind eye to the posters of Blood donation camps and just neglecting its significance in the life of a needy. You know guys, there are many people who are just waiting for someone to knock their doors and present them this precious fluid of life. And we, here, are not bothered to listen to their appeals and letting them die due to lack of availability of blood on time.

If you are one of those who have not experienced blood donation ever, then don’t worry you are not alone there are many others like you in this world. Here are some of the hilarious excuses that people most often use to get away from blood donation. Just have a look at them and see which one of these you have already used and which ones would you prefer to save for the future.

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    “I am afraid of the needle and syringes” –

“I am afraid of the needle and syringes”

This is one of the most common phrases used by people to skip the donation. It is not like people are not trypanophobia, there are many who have a genuine fear of needles, but some people have started using this excuse for declining this opportunity of blood donation. But, please guys don’t lie, have you never been through any blood test in your entire life? Fainting and being nervous is just imminent to happen before you donate blood. Just try to keep calm and relaxed.

2. “I have already given blood once. My job is done” –

“I have already given blood once. My job is done”

This is another much-used statement. Blood donation is not a favor you are doing to people; rather it is a social cause you do selflessly for any human being. Well, I have donated Blood once, is a cunning phrase because obviously if you are a one-time donor, then people will respect you, and you can continue to take pride in giving blood just once (pun intended). But, it is not your “duty” that you have donated blood once, and you are done with it. No, it does not work that way. It is about self-satisfaction. It is about you being generous towards other and doing your bit to save their lives.

3. Doctors will take too much of my blood

This is a quite funny excuse to make. Doctors are experts, and they know how much amount they need to suck from one human body. In fact, our body can produce 500 ml blood in 24 hours, so you don’t need panic about too much blood being wasted on donation.

4. “I have a rare blood group” –

“I have a rare blood group”

Blood groups like AB negative and O positive are rarely found. So, people with such blood group consider their blood so precious that they fear to give it away. That is why they use it as an excuse. They feel that they are special to have such blood group, and they don’t want to share the honor of possessing the same blood group with someone else. This is a ridiculous excuse and please guys, get out of this hoax of “special blood group”, we are humans (homo sapiens), we are all the same.

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5. “I might get a disease” –

“I might get a disease”

There are high chances of someone receiving the blood to be caught by a disease than the one who donates blood. People who give blood need to take precautionary measures like assuring the use of unused syringes, use of gloves by doctors, etc. because their health is equally at risk. But, the people who receive infected blood are more vulnerable to be victims of disease like AIDS. This excuse is a valid one, but considering the risk of the receivers’ life, this statement is merely an excuse.

6. “My hemoglobin level is not eligible for it” –

“My hemoglobin level is not eligible for it”

It is true that a human body should have 12.5 hemoglobin level, but people use it as an excuse because they know that this hemoglobin factor would let their name be kicked out of the donors list. If you are so desperate to donate blood, then this factor cannot be a hindrance because hemoglobin level can easily be increased by high consumption of iron-rich food. Don’t try to mock on yourself by making such petty excuses.

7.“Others have already given enough of their blood, why do they need my blood?” –

“Others have already given enough of their blood

It is the human tendency to be gregarious and follow what others do by walking in the crowd. So, why not in this case? Why people give the excuse that others have donated blood and their blood is not needed? It is a simple way to skip the donation. If you really want to follow and be inspired by others, then here is a chance for you. Your blood group is as important as anybody else’s blood. So, chuck out this notion from your mind that your blood is not in demand.

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8. “I’ll have not been informed about the camp” –

“I’ll have not been informed about the camp”

This is so silly. People are so weird because despite seeing the posters and advertisements of blood donation camps, they become unaware of the information. This shows how callous people are towards mankind. If you find people saying this, then you out rightly tell on their faces that they are liars.

9. “I don’t have time for this blood donation thing”-

I don’t have time for this blood donation thing

Wow! When you plan for movies and vacations, then you are free for a month and when you are asked to spend few hours of your life to this noble cause, then suddenly you become busy. That’s fishy! Are you so engrossed in your life that you can’t even spare just a few hours for this work? That’s shameful. Please, be a little less selfish and extract some time for others as well. Blood Donation is not a big deal; it hardly takes an hour.

10. “I am sick” –

I am sick

This is a good excuse because definitely the doctors will say not to any infected blood. That is an admissible excuse to get out of the camp. Don’t make this excuse, until you are actually ill because your blood is indispensable to someone’s life and if you say no to donation, then the person might die because of you.

You might find these excuses hilarious, but on a serious note, it is the matter of life and death. You can’t just make such idiotic statements to avoid donation. By doing so, you are not just leaving a life on a threat, but also moving yourself further from the path of goodness. It is a humble request to all that if you are eligible to give blood and save somebody’s life, then don’t hesitate to do that. You are fortunate enough to have got this opportunity because there are people who want to donate blood, but unfortunately, their hemoglobin level or weight or disease stops them from doing so. DONATE BLOOD; GIVE A NEW LIFE TO OTHERS!

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