Introduction- 10 Simple Muscle Building Tips



We usually look and search for muscle building tips, for the obvious reason of developing a lean, muscular physique. Apparently we want such a physique for primary 3 reasons. The first one is quite clear and understandable that men/women with a good body could easily attract its counterpart. Secondly, men with the right muscles are believed to be a capable of protecting women. These people look more confident and the constant gaze and notice from others boosts their moral and ego. Lastly, it is a well-known fact that exercising keeps people healthy and disease free. Exercising, especially easy exercising and muscle building makes you feel stronger and eliminates the harmful cholesterol and fat from your body.

And it really isn’t easy to build muscles, consequences – there are no short cuts for building muscles. And your constant search for muscle building tips might be fruitful if you exercise regularly at the right time and eat well. There are certain supplements that can boost your muscle building process. Nitric Oxide supplements contains L-Arginine, increases the production of nitric oxide inside the body, which subsequently causes the blood vessels to widen so that the blood flow is increased and nutrients are capable of reaching the desired muscle targets. Such a target based process not only helps in faster recovery of muscles but increases the endurance and strength of your muscles. These supplements use natural methods for muscle building and hence have no side effects.

Again some might prefer heading to the gym might help in body building while that might not be the solution for others. Below is a list simple muscle building tips that would certainly help in getting a fit and toned body.


Muscle building Tips –

 1.    Make a Body building routine and be focused on your objective

Make a daily routine you would follow at the gym. You know how much you can lift, how many reps you can count and the exercises you can perform. Since the routine is made according to you it is 100% organized and caters your need. You can take help from a gym trainer though.

2.    Work your biggest muscles

If you just started gym training for muscle building, any workout would be quite intense for you and is certain to yield protein synthesis. But if you have had some experience and you have been lifting weights for quite some time then you’ll hit the target muscles if you work on larger muscle groups, like back, chest, back, legs etc. Add deadlifts, pull-ups, rows, bench press, military press and dips to your routine workout. Perform 3 sets of 12 reps each with about 55-65 seconds of rest between the sets

3.    Focus on maximizing muscle building

The more protein you are able to retain within your muscles larger your muscles grow and builds up. Your body uses protein for various activities like for example making hormones and drains it out of your body. The key is to restore the amount of protein lost by building and storing new protein at a greater rate than the rate at which your body breaks it down.

4.    Make sure you have optimum pre-gym training nourishment at the right time

Make sure you eat carbs in addition to the protein. Have it around two hours before you make it to the gym. Such pre-gym nourishment is sure to make a balance between the energy you expend while muscle building and the breakdown of protein during the process.

5.    Record your activities

Recording your daily or maybe weekly progress and activity is requirement that helps boost your confidence level and motivate you to work even harder. Until you assess yourself, you would never improve.

6.    Take proper amount of carbs at the right time for muscle building

What actually happens is when you do intense muscle building or workout your body first starts burning the body carbs within you and then your protein breaks down. So your body starves for carbs after workout or else it would burn the protein and the workout wouldn’t be of any use. Post workout foods like banana shake or peanut butter or maybe a sports drink would increase the insulin level in your body and reduce the breakdown of protein.

7.    Eat more and have a protein rich diet

Doing intense training requires you to increase your daily calorie intake and hence eat more. Eat at least three heavy meal followed by snacks in between. Eating ice cream after workout is known to decrease your protein break down. One must have protein in grams equivalent to his body weight in pounds every day. So if you weigh 150 pounds you should consume 150 grams of protein every day. Fish and meat are rich in protein, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients.

8.    Have a stiff drink

A research carried by University of Texas reveals that weight lifters who took a shake having amino acid and carbohydrates before hitting the gym increased their protein synthesis than lifters who took it after gymming. The shake had 35 grams of carbs and 6 grams of vital amino acids. Exercising increases the blood flow to your fatigued tissues and consuming a carbs+amino acid mixed shake would increase the absorption of the essential nutrients by the muscles.  A shake 10-20 grams of protein which could be easily made by 2-3 scoops of whey protein powder.

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9.    Have milk before you sleep

Take proper amount of carbohydrates and protein before you sleep. Your body metabolism continues to work at night while you sleep. Your muscle building process continues while you rest and hence body needs the minerals and nutrients to recover from the days tiring workout.

10.Have proper rest

A full body workout should be followed by adequate amount of rest. Proper rest gives sufficient amount of time to the muscles to relax and build up again.
It is quite understandable that gaining weight and building muscles have become a societal taboo. You might have been kicked on your face or you might have lost too many girls to the bulky men. Whatever the reason is you always want to bulk it up. But it is very important to know the physics behind muscle building. Never over eat and never exercise in the wrong way. To end it here is a thought for you “If you always do the same exercises every time you train, you’ll never get the body you want. To develop a lean, muscular physique you need to vary your workouts so that your body can respond positively to the new stimulus.”

We will soon be here with the different exercise concentrating on each body part. Happy muscle building.



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