Phuket and Krabi

The season of love is not set for the love birds. Every day, month and year is a celebration of their love. The romantic feast for the new weds is their honeymoon. It is the time when the two lovers express their adulation for each other and get engrossed by the storm of their love. The Cupid evokes the erotic love between the two individuals and transforms their platonic relationship into something special.

There are many choices available in this world to please the couples and make their honeymoon memorable. The people across the globe tend to spend extravagant money on their honeymoon. Obviously, they should after all; it is their time of merrymaking after marriage. So, here is the list of such 5 amazing places that will leave you speechless with their astounding beauty:

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Located in the midst of Mascarene Islands, Mauritius has every slice of life. From the balmy beaches, the fun of adventure sports, the beauty of the Seven colored village called Chamarel, to the luxurious homestays, you get everything here you wish for. Visit the Blue Bay, Pereybere, Grand Bay beaches of the place and make the sand castle modeling the dream house of you and your partner. Relax on the cold white sand and enjoy the view of the ethereal water flow. You can also set for a long romantic ride in a car with your partner.

The coastal roads of Mauritius offer you some exhilarating driving experience. You can head to Ile Aux Cerfs to indulge in the parasailing session. You can excite yourself by the view of the beautiful sunset from a private cruise. This land also offers you the site of giant water lilies at the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden. You can enjoy the diversity of food be it the street food or the mouth-watering cuisines at the luxury restaurants like Chapeau La Paille and the Oberoi. You will be stunned by the visit towards the Southern Mauritius where you meet the Seven Colored village Chamarel, which is blessed with picturesque landscape due to the geological fluctuations. This place is definitely going to blow your mind away.

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  1. Lucerne and Paris

Lucerne and Paris

The city that is an epitome of love brings to you the most romantic spots where you and your loved one can spend some cozy moments together. If you and your partner are art lovers, then Paris is the destination to be. You get to see the display of culture and history in the museums of Paris. You can explore the depth of art in the Louvre museum where you get the opportunity to witness the mysterious smile of the painting Mona Lisa.

You can seal your eternal love in the padlocks. Take your love to new heights by visiting the giant Eiffel Tower. Enjoy the Parisian cuisines and sail through the Seine River on a cruise. You can arrange a date across the Lake Lucerne where you will be intrigued by the scenic view of the Chapel Bridge adorned with flowers. The simple walk with your partner across the café streets will become special for you. The name of Paris has love in it, then imagine how romantic the place would be when you actually visit it for real?

  1. Maldives


Take your partner to a romantic stroll in Maldives where your love will be heightened by the sylvan beauty of this land. The sandy beaches, the romantic candlelit dates, and the tropical climate will sweep your partner off your feet. You will love to soothe your eyes with the serene waters of the Veligandu Island Beach. If you wish to replenish your energy and need some therapeutic therapy, then you can book couple massage packages in the lavish spa centers of Maldives.  You will be taken aback by the view of the Indian ocean while sitting in the private yacht and also the dolphin cruise will add up to the fun. You can also try scuba diving and snorkel to taste the marine life with your loved one. Maldives is one of those beautiful destinations where you can travel without a VISA.

  1. Phuket and Krabi

Phuket and Krabi

The cities in Thailand, Phuket and Krabi, offer you the most happening honeymoon destinations. They are famous for the bachelor/ette parties, but they have spots where the couple can spend some alone time. You can do kayaking through the Krabi’s mangrove forests. You can experience the aqua world by heading for water sports. You will be delighted to see the cabaret dance show and the cocktail making show in Phuket. These cities are the hubs of nightlife where you can get drunk with your partner and enjoy the wild atmosphere.

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  1. Bahamas


The capital city of Nassau offers the couples one of the best honeymoon retreats. The place is an assortment of small villages and offers you an incredible treat. You can stay in the sumptuous hotels like Graycliff, which offers you the romantic dinner dates especially for the new weds. The place has hidden treasures in the form of fishing sites, dive sites, and golfing spots. So, you get a perfect amalgamation of romance, fun, and relaxation in the land of Bahamas.

Pack your Bags Love Birds; It’s time to get cozy

The description of these exotic destinations must have provoked you to visit them. What is wrong with you? Are still worried about the expenses of your honeymoon? Have a big heart and let your feeling flow. Don’t spoil your honeymoon mood by acting like a miser. This is a once in a lifetime when you get an opportunity to make some unforgettable moments with your beloved.

When you visit these spots, you will realize why they cost so high. The ambiance of the places will leave you spellbound. You have to choose one of these places to let your romance be unbeaten by anything else in this world. Explore these places with the love of your life and spare some space in your album for the lovely photographs that you will be taking your home.

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