10 Mouth-watering North Indian Dishes


When you think of North India, what comes to your mind? The beautiful sparse landscape, the blossoming flowers, the historical heritage and, the wildlife. But the northern land is not sealed with only these elements. The delightful cuisines of Northern India may not have received much recognition, but their aroma has definitely touched the hearts of many. Here is the list of 10 top North Indian dishes that define the culture of North India:

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The chickpeas called choley in Hindi served with chappati like bhature, are just divine. When the assorted spices of the chickpea dish get into your mouth, you experience a show of fireworks in your mouth. The spiciness of choley and the mild taste of bhature would be the best dish to satisfy your taste buds.

  1. Butter chicken

Butter chicken

The combination of butter in the gravy of chicken is incredible. The use of Garam masala while marinating the chicken comes really well. The perfect fusion of creamy gravy and the drumsticks will blow your mind away. You can’t resist this dish if you are a hard-core non-vegetarian.

  1. Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh

For the meat lovers, Rogan Josh is a treat. The fragrance of mutton of the dish will tempt you to dive into the container. The redness of the gravy results from the use of rich spices. The name might not convince you, but the moment you put the spoon in your tongue, you will love the taste. The fiery impact it leaves on you is just unforgettable.

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  1. Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer

The color of this dish makes it unique. The dark green color coming from the mashed spinach and the slight yellowness of the cottage cheese called paneer in Hindi will pacify your prolonged craving for a delicious cuisine. You’ll love serving it with some pinch of ghee in it. This dish presents spinach in a different form and the juice extracted from it is enriched in iron content. So, this dish is tasty and healthy as well.

  1. Rajma


The kidney beans are very famous in North India. If you visit North India and leave without tasting this dish, then it is not possible. The kidney beans served with hot jeera rice is an ultimate combo. You will be lost in the tenderness of the beans, and the simplicity of the cooked rice. This dish is very simple to prepare, but it wins the heart of million.

  1. Kheer


It is the authentic desert of the Indian subcontinent. This white colored rice pudding is the symbol of celebration. If there is an occasion, then this pudding has to be the main course meal. When you are heading for a good deed, then a spoon of this dish marks the beginning of your work. In Muslim festival Id, it is the main delicacy that is served to all.

  1. Chicken Dum Biryani

Chicken Dum Biryani

The richness of chicken spices, the aroma of biryani will attract you towards this dish. The biryani is properly cooked rice dish that has the flavors of chilies, peppers, and other spices. The biryani topped with chicken forms a perfect cuisine for the visitors.

  1. Fish Amritsari

Fish Amritsari

The fish lover can leave anything to have a bite of this dish. The tanginess of the vinegar, the taste of the spices and the sizzle of the fishes make this dish memorable to its consumers. A proper amalgamation of sweet, sour and pungent tastes, it is a feast worth dying for.

  1. Dahi Bhalla

Dahi Bhalla

The sweetness of the curd and the sourness of the chutney will give a twist of taste to your tongue. You can add chaat masala to it to make even more interesting. The overall taste of this dish is just amazing. You will come back to the land of Northern states to have another bite.

  1. Almond malai kulfi

Almond malai kulfi

It is a beautiful creation of milk products. An assortment of condensed milk and saffron, this sweet will make you forget all the other dishes. Garnished with almond, this desert is just a delight to your mouth.

Forget about your diet for a day and dive in the delicious North-Indian dishes

Has your mouth salivated just after reading about these savory dishes? Think how tasty they must be when you actually eat them. The names of these delicacies give you the feeling that they would melt in into your mouth. The land of Northern India has all the flavors of life. It is not known just for its history of valor, but for the taste of its dishes.   It is yummy tummy time now; you must be already craving for these dishes and must complete the article now, otherwise, you will be cursing me for showing you the dreams of such mouth-watering items.

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