Nude Parties in India are Thrown Secretly in these 5 places

Om Beach, Gokarna

Are you a party animal? Do you want to party as no one has ever done before? Then you are a perfect person to join the nude parties. When you talk about the nude parties in India, the first thing that comes to mind is No…That is impossible. Obviously, that is much-expected answers from Indians because if the censor board cuts off the intimate scenes from the films considering them to be obscene and unhealthy for Indian audiences, then how can the government allow nude parties in India.

But you would be shocked to know that there are some places in India where nude parties are conducted secretly. The nude parties are common in foreign countries like Austria where Naked Art Festival is organized to celebrate naked art; France, and Finland and many more countries. IfKA you are reading this then you would like to know about the Top 10 Destinations of the World you must visit in 2016

Here is the list of those 5 places where you can see naked people having fun. So let’s look at the places where we can witness secret nude parties in India-

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    Agatti Island Beach, Lakshadweep

Agatti Island Beach, Lakshadweep

The island is known for its serenity, beauty of coral reefs and the restless tides. This balmy beach witness the arrival of many nude tourists who like to take pleasure of the soothing climate of this place. It tops the list of nude parties in India. The magnificent lagoons and aesthetic beauty of coconut trees attract people to this destination. Topless visitors are really common here. Please don’t drop your jaws when you visit this place accidentally because for the visitors it is normal to be naked under the sun. However, if you are trying to reach here, you could use a simple coverup such as a Kaftan most

  1. Marari Beach, Kerala

Marari Beach, Kerala

Second in the list of nude parties in India is Marari Beach, Kerala. The God’s Own Country, Kerala is also the spot of nudity. Enraptured by the natural wonders of this place and indulging in the fun of adventure sports, this beach offers the best relaxing place for the people. The attraction point for tourists in Kerala is the backwater, but taking a nap under the shade of trees and enjoying the nude beauties around would be bait for many people. Don’t forget to take a little shade to protect yourself click to see some amazing direct contact brims.
This is one place which happens to host nude parties in India. Famous people like Charlie Chauhan and Parmish Verma have also attended these parties.

  1. Om Beach, Gokarna

Om Beach, Gokarna

If you visit this “Om” shaped beach, then don’t be stunned to see the people taking off their swimwear. The reason is that tourists here can’t afford to get an uneven tan on their arms and legs only, so they have come up with the solution of getting undressed on the beach. The beauty of cliffs and the greenery of this place come as a bonanza for the visitors.

  1. Paradise Beach, Gokarna

Paradise Beach, Gokarna

This is a beach in Karnataka, which is far from the land, and if you ask any boat owners to take you there, then they would outrightly refuse to do that. This is because they are embarrassed to visit the land of naked people. The name of the beach justifies the joy that people get from the sight of naked angels around them.  So, this place in South India is just the hub of nudist gatherings. It seems Gokarna is blessed to have two such places where showing off your inner beauty is all that matters.

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  1. Ozran Beach, Goa

Ozran Beach, Goa

Lastly, there is one place where nude parties happen in India. Goa is known for fun, amusement, the wildness of the nightlife, and its culture. But in between this amusement is hidden an unpopular beach called Ozran Beach which marks the visit of nude tourists on the land. If you want to enjoy your naked time and keep it a secret, then definitely this is the place you would like to visit. The wonderful weather, the vistas and the silent parties would make you groove. Just lose yourself to the rhythm of the song and dance with no clothes on. Are you in Goa? Here is what you should be doing there – 20 Things You Must Do When You Visit Goa

Take off your clothes and set yourself free

Public nudity is considered illegal in India. In fact, these above-mentioned places are not official venues to organize nude parties in India. And many of the violators have been penalized for such illegal acts. So, if you are so fond of such parties, then visit these places at your own risk. Before you visit the nude party, you would not have to be worried about what to wear. Unlike other parties, where you make preparations to look your best on the occasion, these nude parties in India would welcome you the way look, literally. You don’t have to be conscious of your body because being naked in these places is absolutely normal. So, nobody is bothered to see you. Just take off your clothes and get wild in this atmosphere of nudity.

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