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Islands are the heart of nature. The breath-taking depth of oceans, the limit of the sky and the soothing breeze of the island is just mesmerizing. It seems weird when people say that they want to go to foreign countries to witness the natural beauty. Such people are not familiar with the ornamental attraction that India holds for them. Why do you need to step on an alien land when you have such gems in your country? A Trip to Lakshadweep Islands is one treat for a beholder.

Lakshadweep Islands, which literally means one lakh islands, is a collection of 36 islands. Not all the islands are available for the tourist visit, but 5 islands are open. Moreover, 10 of the islands are inhabited by the local tribes of the place. So, you get to have a trip to the 10 amazing islands of Lakshadweep. The fascinating gift of nature captivates the attention of the people to this land. The famous Arabian traveler, Ibn Batuta, had visited the Lakshadweep islands and recognized its incredible aesthetics. Here are some of the best destinations that you must visit when you plan a vacation to Lakshadweep Islands.

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    The Scenic Beauty while on “Trip to Lakshadweep Islands”

The Scenic Beauty

The widely spread landmass, the fathoms of oceans, the geographic terrain and the cultural aspects of Lakshadweep would make you fall in love with the Islands. The beauty of the coral reefs, the underwater plants, and the pleasing climate of the beaches would blow you away. Sit on the lap of this island and experience the unexplored.

  1. The Islands while on “Trip to Lakshadweep Islands”

The Islands

There are so many islands to visit here in Lakshadweep. A few of them are Kadmat, Kavaratti, and Kalpeni Islands. The lagoons and the dynamic flow of the water grab the attention of the tourists. The people find these islands rich in flora and fauna. You can listen to the chirping of the birds and rest on the white sand on these islands. You will be enraptured by the vividness of these places.

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  1. Water Sports while on “Trip to Lakshadweep Islands”

Water Sports

The deep oceans of the Island call you to experience the marine life. You get the treat of adventure sports in Lakshadweep islands like boat ride tours, parasailing, fishing, skiing, and much more. You can also go for an excursion tour to the Parali and Bangaram islands. You can have fun in the ferries and ships of this place. So, let your hands and legs be transformed into webbed limbs and dive into the depth of the water by indulging in such venturesome activities.

  1. Pitti Bird Sanctuary while on “Trip to Lakshadweep Islands”

Pitti Bird Sanctuary

This one of the most popular attraction spots for the tourists. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy the sight of the diversity of birds here. You get to see migratory and marine birds in this sanctuary. This sanctuary comes under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 in order to prevent the rare species of birds from getting extinct. You can use a boat ride to make your visit to this sanctuary even more adventurous.

  1. Lavish Resort Cottages while on “Trip to Lakshadweep Islands”

Lavish Resort Cottages

The long trip to the Lakshadweep Islands would make you enervated, and you would want to lie down on the bed and relax. So, the Islands offer you the reasonable hotels. The homestays and resorts in Agatti Island, Bangaram, and Kadmat Islands provide you with a luxurious setting to take a nap for hours and recharge yourself. The beach resort in Agatti Island has an entrance that is framed by the coconut trees.  Government lodges are a good option for you if you have less money to spend.

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  1. Lagoons in Agatti Island while on “Trip to Lakshadweep Islands”

Lagoons in Agatti Island

Agatti Island is famous for its lagoons and the presence of coral reefs. But there is one fact that very few people know that it is the center for organizing nude parties secretly. Though it is not legal, still the visitors are seen naked on this island and taking pleasure of the wildness in the air. So, if you come to this place, then don’t be bashful and tune up your mood. Don’t blame anyone if you get caught while partying there with no clothes on because that happens very often. So, this is a unique experience that you get on Lakshadweep Islands.

  1. Juma Masjid, Minicoy while on “Trip to Lakshadweep Islands”

Juma Masjid, Minicoy

Situated close to the Minicoy Island, the Juma Masjid is the religious spot that all the visitors look forward to visiting. The mosque was constructed in the medieval period, and the residents believe in the presence of God in the mosque. There is a collection of artifacts in the shrine. The mosque is embellished with detailed designs of carvings. In fact, there is an ancient stone called Rai Hilai that is preserved here. The tranquility of this place and the true love of the devotees for God drive people towards this mosque.

Let’s Fly to Lakshwadeep

So, all set for the trip? These interesting spots in Lakshadweep are definitely going to bind you to this place. You should not forget to take your camera to capture the beautiful memories of your vacation. The experience of this Island would be deeply engrossed in your minds. Yes, don’t miss out the fun of the sports and relax under the shade of the coconut trees. Always remember to take a souvenir from the place because you are definitely going to recollect the memories of your vacation. Get hypnotized by the vastness of this Island and give yourself a royal treatment in the sumptuous hotels in this Island. So, book your tickets and fly to this Island as it is waiting for your arrival.

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