The 5 Best Fishing Destinations in The World

Fishing Destinations

5 best fishing destinations around the world that you must include on your bucket list now if you love fishing. Starting from Canada-Florida-Mexico, here you will get everything that you are looking for.

Many people have a dream of going on a fishing trip to top fishing destinations around the world. But to dream and to plan are two separate things. Fishing can be a pass time for some people and a passion for others. There are various people who dream of fishing in top fishing destinations around the world.Fishing Destinations

Fishing can be done in both freshwater and saltwater. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of freshwater or saltwater fishing. The fishing destination listed in this article will match your choice of fishing destination.

Do you dream of fishing in some of the best fishing destinations around the world? These are some of the best fishing destinations you must visit if you love fishing. In this article, we have listed some of the most famous fishing destinations around the world.


Best fishing destination in the world

If you are looking for a fishing destination globally, then this listed destination can match your expectations. Here are some of the top and best fishing destinations that you must include in your bucket list now

1. Prince Edward Island/Nova Scotia, Canada

Talking about the best fishing destinations and not mentioning Prince Edward Island will be a big mistake. This island is situated in Nova Scotia, Canada, and it is a real tale of two halves. In winter, this island gets fully covered with a thick blanket of snow. Whereas when summer comes, you will be able to see the beautiful side of this island. 

On Prince Edward Island, you will be able to get the hottest Tuna fish. It has also been found that from August till October, the water around this island is full of Bluefin, which are weighted over 800 pounds. Therefore, if you want some adventure and fishing in the same spot, Prince Edward Island will be perfect for you.

2. Orkney Islands, Scotland

Orkney Island, situated in Scotland, is vastly known as Europe’s playground. On this island, you will get a massive number of different species of fish. The most incredible part of this Scottish Island is its intersection with nearby lochs and rivers. It means that you will be able to catch every unusual seawater fish along with Bass, Salmon, and Trout fish. 

Therefore your fishing journey on Orkney Island will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is also considered one of the best fishing destinations due to its versatility of different species of fish.

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3. Bermuda

If you love seawater fishing, then you have to include Bermuda in your list. In Bermuda, you will find bonafide fish, which is very rare to find. Besides amazing beaches, this island has also given the two largest fishes in the world to the public, and this is why Bermuda is on our best fishing destinations list.

If you are planning to come to Bermuda, then the best time will be June to August. Alongside fishing, you will also get an experience of top sports, amazing beaches, and some great restaurants.

4. Key West, Florida

Do you know this place offers you some great fishing spots? Yes, you will get some amazing fishing spots here. And if you are looking for a community fully obsessed with fishing, then Key West, situated in Florida, is perfect for you. 

It also has the world’s best fishing ground, and the best part is you can come here anytime, and this place is perfect for fishing. In Key West, Florida, there are high chances of getting some amazing fish. 

Apart from fishing, you will also get an amazing experience at various seafood restaurants located here. Your fishing journey in key West Florida will be one of the most memorable journeys you will ever have.

5. Cabo San Lucas, México

Cabo San Lucas is situated in Mexico, and here the Pacific Ocean is getting mixed with the lowest sea of Cortez. Therefore if you’re someone who loves deep-sea fishing, then this place is just perfect for you. In Cabo San Lucas, you will get blackfin Tuna fish. Although the whole year is suitable for fishing, the perfect time to visit this place is between May to July.

The bottom line

Fishing can be a hobby for millions of people; if you too have a hobby or you are passionate about fishing, then the above-mentioned fishing destinations can be helpful for you. In this article, we have mentioned the best fishing destinations around the world so that people who love fishing can enjoy it.

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