A Trip to Jammu & Kashmir – The Heaven on Earth

Kashmir- The picturesque beauty

The Mughal ruler, Jahangir, called this place the “the Paradise on Earth” and the beauty of Kashmir truly justifies the remark. This divine place has so many gemstones on its land that you can’t compare its beauty with any other place on this planet. A trip to Jammu & Kashmir is one of the best plan you can make for your vacations.

If you are planning a vacation this summer, then here is the ultimate destination for you. You have to witness the wonder of nature with your eyes. Just reading about the place is not enough, you have to go and experience it with your own eyes.

Here is a list of some attractive elements that will drag you towards this land:

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    The picturesque beauty

Kashmir- The picturesque beauty

The plants covered with snow, the tall trees, the water as cold as ice, the chilly weather, and a pinch of green cover, everything makes Kashmir unique. Whether you talk about its history, its topography, its wildlife, or the lifestyle of the residents, it has the fragrance of the land that seeps so much of beauty inside it despite the turmoil that its people are always facing.

  1. Srinagar, The capital

Srinagar, The capital

The capital of J& K is blessed with the flow of Jhelum River. Located at the altitude of 1730m above the sea level, this is one of the most famous spots of tourists in J & K. The beauty of Dal and Nagin lakes would leave you awestruck. The land has been an attraction point for the British, Chinese and the Mughals. The history of this place makes it even more enigmatic, and the people from across the globe gather here to witness the breath taking landscape of this land.

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  1. The vegetation and wildlife

The vegetation and wildlife

The snow covered fields are suitable for the plantation of some rare, juicy fruits like apricots, apples, and peaches. You get to touch upon the heights of gigantic trees like deodar and pine trees. You will be thrilled to pass through the dense forest lands. The place is lightened with the fragrance of the cherry blossoms and other flowering plants. You will be taken aback by the yak rides along the snowy trails.

  1. Hub of holy shrines

Hub of holy shrines

This land has the God’s Blessings with it transformed in the form of shrines. To name a few holy places, there is Vaishno Devi temple in the town of Katra, the Raghunath temple on the Sindh valley and Peer Baba. You will be in bliss when you visit this place.

  1. Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh

The unwinding roads, the steep valleys and gorges, and the adventure call the people from all walks of life. All the adventure lovers can quench their thirst for an exhilarating experience here. Leh offers the tourists trekking, hiking, and biking tours. The adventure sports drives people crazy for this place.

  1. The Pashmina shawls

The Pashmina shawls

The Paradise on earth is known for its crafted handicrafts that are manufactured by the domestic craftsman and serve as a souvenir for those who want to return to their homeland with a piece of remembrance of this magnificent beauty.

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  1. The Houseboats

The Houseboats

Called Shikharas in Hindi, these houseboats are the authentic creation of this land. The view of the hill and snow-clad mountains while enjoying the ride of these houseboats on Dal Lake is just unforgettable.

Let us witness the Heaven

Are you lost in the valleys of Kashmir? After knowing about the immense beauty of this place, you must be dying to visit the place and witness it.

There is no reason that can stop you from visiting this place. If you are seeking an adventure tour, or you are heading for a religious satisfaction, or you want to spend a simple family vacation, then Kashmir is the best place to be. Don’t give it a second thought. Just be ready to go for the Kashmir trip.

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