10 Destinations In The World Where Being Nude Is Completely Normal



What do you call a place where you find a gathering of nude people? Well, when you see some places in this world where wearing clothes to cover your body is not mandatory, then you would be able to answer this question.  Many centuries ago, early men used their minds to bring the revolution in the world, and that revolution was the invention of clothes made put of leaves. From those early days to the present days of fashion couture, one thing has not changed, and that is, the people have continued to veil their body. Yes, the size of outfits has certainly shortened, but still, the clothes are among the three basic needs of the people- Food, Clothing, and Shelter. But, there are places in this world, where being naked is not a big deal and in fact, people celebrate nudity there.  If you want where these destinations are, then read this article, and you will know it.


 1. Italian Body Painting Festival

This festival is conducted in Vienna, Italy and it displays naked models in the festival. The festival celebrates body painting where the whole bodies of the models are painted with colors and then showcased in various postures. It is an amazing art and the drawings done on the body have a thematic meaning to it. If you are an admirer of art, then you must not miss this opportunity.

 2. The World Naked Bike Ride

It is an annual event in Toronto, Canada. The people grab their bicycles and cover the distance. This ride is done to celebrate the healthy living, and the reason behind exposing the body is that the event wants to show off the salubrity of the American residents by their naked bodies. It is also an international display of the anger against the fuel misuse and pollution and that is why the bikes are used for the ride.

 3. Black Rock Desert, Nevada: Burning Man

It is a temporary city that celebrates this festival once in a year. It is dedicated to art as the temporary metropolis is created to convey the message of self-dependence and communal harmony. In 2015, the theme of this festival was “Carnival of Mirrors.”

 4. Naked City in Cap d’Agde, France

You were wishing for a spot to witness the nude beauties, then how about a whole city? You would be stunned to know that there is a city called Cap d’Agde in France that legalizes nudity. The city has now got the name of Naked City because of this bare-skinned phenomenon. Nobody questions you when you walk down the street with no clothes.

 5. San Diego, California: Black’s Beach

The beaches are the most common destinations to get the view of the topless visitors. This is one such beach where a swimsuit is not compulsory. It is officially called Torrey Pines City Beach. The beach is under the control of the southern part of San Diego, which has now prohibited this practice of nudity. This beach also has submarine canyons that attract the surfers to this beach.

 6. Naked Snow Sledding Championship

How about sledding on the snow-clad land? You can enjoy the sledding experience in Germany where you can take off your clothes and be in your boots and inner wear. This place offers you the exhilarating experience of sledding down the slope and covering a 97-yard race. If you win the race, you get to earn prize money of $1,000

 7. Naked Hot Springs Bathing in Tokyo, Japan

Since it a bathing center, so the people are not supposed to wear clothes here. The men and women are given bathing facilities and inns together in the hot springs.  If you wish to take a collective shower, then this is the right place to be.

 8. Saidaiji Temple, Japan: Hadaka Matsuri, Naked Festival

It is a festival conducted in Okayama, Japan. In this festival, the men wear loincloths, and they indulge in a battle to find the talismans (lucky sticks) which are thrown by the priests of the temple. People keenly wait for this occasion.

 9. Naked Sauna in Kotiharjun Sauna in Helsinki, Finland

Located in Helsinki, Finland, it is one of the oldest saunas which was built in 1928. Here, man and women both come for massages and other rejuvenating activities, and thus, they are allowed to wander naked in the sauna.

 10. Naked Park in Munich, Germany

There is a park in Germany that allows the entry of naked people. It permits you roam around and witness the greenery of the park. So, you don’t have to think what to wear before stepping out of the house. It spreads across an area of 4 sq/km, which is really huge, and you can feel free here with no clumsiness of the clothes. This park was earlier a naked sunbathing zone approved by the government. In fact, Munich offers six such urban naked places for the nudity lovers.

Feeling a bit shy?

So, now undress yourself to be part any of these 10 destinations. If you want to chill and be secluded from the buzzing urban life, then this is the best way to do it. But if you think that you are shy to reveal your body, then let me tell you at these destinations everybody is alike and you don’t have to feel conscious about your body. Just let your body be free from everything, literally!

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