In this article I am going to talk about the web application that is created by Status People which can tell you about the quality of your Twitter followers. The name of that web application is Fake Follower Check and this application basically gives you a brief idea about the quality of your Twitter followers.

If you own a small or midsize business or a website then you guys must be so much curious about your followers. Clicking on your each followers profile and determine whether he/she is fake will really be a painful and time-consuming job if you have more than 5000 followers. This is why Status People has launched its web application which can save your lot of precious time and can do the same job with seconds.

Basically fake accounts are those type of accounts which are created by spam BOT’s and generally tend to have much more “following” than “followers”. These type of accounts only tweets about a specific links which are very successfully shorten using any URL shortener. These type of accounts also tend to have very low updates or rather I’d say very less amount of tweets.


Why did Status People developed this web application?

According to Status People:

“There are two reasons. First it’s important for you to be sure when you communicate on Twitter that you are communicating with real and active followers. Because the more active your follower base the more likely they are to share your content.”

“The second reason is there are a growing number of Fakers out there. People who buy followers in a vain attempt to build legitimacy. “Look at me I have 20,000 followers, I must know my…” They are essentially trying to game the system and it’s important for you to be able to spot them, and steer clear of them. Because ultimately if you’re willing to lie about how many friends you have you are not a very trustworthy individual.”


Before writing I also had checked the quality of my followers and I am pretty much impressed with the result. I have 0% fake follower and only 3% inactive followers (inactive follower are the followers who tweeted their last tweet long ago). On the positive side my 97% of the followers are good which I think is a good news for me.

In my opinion it is really a cool app and highly recommend you to give at least a try to this application. Go ahead and give it a try:

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