Top 12 Tricks to Increase your Twitter Followers


Hello guys I am Somil and in this article I am going to discuss about the ways or tricks through which you can increase or gain your Twitter followers and hence your social media presence. Not a long ago I discussed about social marketing and how to increase it. You may refer that article if you want to increase your social media presence. This article is about getting most out of Twitter or increasing your Twitter follower to improve you social marketing.


1. Use a Great Profile Picture:

The first thing that anyone notices in your Twitter account is your profile picture. So it’ll be nice to use a eye capturing image as your display picture. If you are an individual then it’ll be great to suit up and put a professional looking image as your display picture. Type of profile picture varies with your profession. If you are a student then there is no need to suit up just to put a nice profile pic. If you are into sports then it’ll be nice to take a picture in your team uniform. Make sure that face covers at least 60-70% of the total area so that people can recognize you without any difficulty.

If you are handling Twitter account of a company then it’ll be great to use company’s current logo. I would not recommend you to change your profile pic at any cost because your followers recognize your company with your company logo. They don’t bother to read full name of the company.

I do not recommend putting any irrelevant image as your profile picture such as landscape images, quotations etc.

2. Use a Nice Header Picture:

Just now Twitter has launched a new feature “header”. Header are really great and you really can use it attract more followers. In header you can use irrelevant images like quotations, landscape etc.

I do not recommend you to put your own image in header.

3. Nice Biography:

As you only have 160 words to write about yourself, it not quite easy to write your biography in Twitter. If you are a company or a famous individual like celebrity, sports person then I recommend you to put your “Facebook like page link” in your biography. Do not put the whole sentences in your biography; just content at a glance will be enough for visitors. Suppose you are a business person then it’ll be better for you to write “businessman, owner of XYZ” rather than “I am a businessman. I own the company XYZ”.

4. Tweet Often:

It would be nice if you tweet at least once in every 5-6 hours so that your followers can see you on a regular basis. It is really not feasible for any individual to open Twitter account and tweet about something within every 5-6 hour even not for me. To overcome this type of problem you can use various services provided by the sites like HootsuiteBuffer etc. to schedule your tweet. Basically these sites schedule your tweet and post your tweet at any specified time. If you own an android then you can use TweetCaster app which schedules your tweet and post that at any desired time (both free and paid versions are available).

5. Tweet Well:

It would be really nice to stick to your niche. Suppose you own a Twitter account of website that deals with Photoshop then there’s no need to tweet about beauty products. By tweeting irrelevant tweets you may decrease some of your precious followers and you may also degrade your own reputation.

6. Follow People of Your Type:

Most of the time, roughly 30% of time the person you follow will follow you back. So it’ll be great if you follow a person who shares same interests with you. Suppose you handle a Twitter account of a website that deals with technology. Then you just open Twitter account of your website’s biggest competitor and start to follow all the followers of that particular website. In this way you can get lots of genuine new followers.

7. Ask for Retweet:

Probably it is the biggest way for you to promote your Twitter account for free. If a person retweets you then your tweet as well as your account will be visible to all of the followers of the person who retweeted your tweet. In this way you can get a huge exposure and promote your Twitter account.

8. Use Hashtags if Possible:

Use hashtags if possible because it adds a one word summary to your tweet. People generally find a tweet with hashtag a lot more interesting as compared to the tweets without hashtags.

Perhaps this infographic would be a better tool to help you increase your Twitter followers.


9. Don’t Promote Yourself Too Much:

It wouldn’t be nice if you promote your website or any product you sell, too much. Suppose you own an ecommerce website and you tweets about certain offers too much (1-2 tweets per hour) then it may degrade your site reputation as well as your follower may unfollow you.

10. Interact with Your Followers:

Suppose you get a reply to one of your tweet then it’ll be nice if you say “thank you for your reply” to that follower. Interacting with your followers is as great as interacting with your website visitors/customers. Don’t forget that just because of them or for them your site is online. Interacting with them really increases your reputation and followers starts to become friendly with you or your company.

11. Unfollow the People who haven’t followed you back:

As you can only follow 2000 people (if you have less than 2000 followers) so it would be appropriate to unfollow the people who haven’t followed you back. As it’ll be a time consuming process to unfollow lots of people so you can make use of Twitdium to unfollow your non follower automatically.

12. Repeat Your Most Popular Tweets:

Suppose you own a website that delivers free tutorials and news on seo just like Smugg Bugg and you just tweeted about a new article that you have uploaded to your website. As it is obvious that not all of your followers will be online at that particular time, so you could retweet that tweet one or maybe two more times within 5-6 hours intervals so that it can reach to your maximum number of followers.

That’s all for today. Wait don’t forget to glace at the infographic about tips and tricks to increase Twitter followers below. Next week again I’ll be here with new article.


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