5. Fast food:

fast-foodFast food is fifth and last menu item in our list of food item 5 foods to never eat:

Fast food joints selling hot dogs, burger and fries and many other food items are thriving because of its convenience to carry and taste. However, the ingredients used in it are really bad for you. In hot dogs, it has processed meat, fats and sodium nitrate which gives a flavor and color and also aids as a preservative, and also some dyes and chemicals are used. It is known that eating processed meat can lead to heart disease, cancers and diabetes.

Burger patty also has preservative and chemicals for long shelf life, so it has very little nutrients to offer. And fries are also full of fats because they are fried carbohydrates.

Even Chinese pick up is loaded with monosodium glutamate to give flavor which is not good for health.

Even in fast food, you can make a healthy choice like asking for whole wheat burger bun without mayonnaise with lots of vegetables in filling and can go for baked fries. And in Chinese, you can avoid monosodium glutamate and put lots of vegetables in your fried rice and opt for stir fry vegetables with less oil.

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